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Hi Guys

A few days I got my self a 9398 set for only 989dkk(133 euros) in Bilka(a major supermarkedet store in DK).

Anyway after I got home, I didn't play with the motors as I normaly would mainly because I simply wanted to build the 4x4 offroader.

But after I had assembled the 2/3 of the set, I got some batteries in it, and fired it up. Thats when I got a bit annoyed/shocked/scared to notices that the front motor sounds much louder than the other motor. It some kind of of squick sound that, aint healty when compared to the other.

Have anybody else notices different noises from the PF L Motor?

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No, I have not. I own two 9398s and bought four additional PF L-motors off of Bricklink, and none of them sound bad.

I recommend that you exchange your bad L-motor at Lego Customer Service ( .

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I know a few people that have the same problem. It is not uncommon for electric motors to squeak, maybe you noticed a simmilar sound when using an electric drill or other machines with electric motors.

Anyway I think there are a lot of these motors that came from the lego factory that make these noises, after all it is a new part and they might experience a minor redesign like the LAs did with the 8043 excavator.

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