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Super Heroes Contest Reminder

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Super Heroes Month is now more than half way over. Have you started your contest entries yet?

First, stop in and revisit your youth as you recall the glorious art that adorned your favourite comics,

then try to recreate it yourself. In LEGO! Could it get any better than that? Why not take a look at

the Super Hero Comic Cover Contest and then join in!


Got that covered already? :grin: Then join Shadows The Scrutineer in the Games Forum for the opportunity of a lifetime,

actually getting to be a Superhero. And kill people. Lots and lots of people. All in the name of justice!


Don't expect it to be a long lifetime, however.

And then head over to Brick Flicks & Comics and enter the Superhero Video Contest for a chance to win fantastic prizes!

Seriously. Don't forget. Go!

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