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Ragnarök Now - Conclusion

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Having just condemned Wary the Black, the remaining warriors pondered what to do next.


Ragnar grew impatient.

"Who are we going to execute today?" he asked, craving more blood.


Loki was galloping closer and closer. Sensing that the einherjar were weak enough, he now planned to make his move on Valhalla.


It wasn't long before he had reached the gates of Valhalla. He was surprised to find the heads of so many of his servants decorating the walls, but was unfazed nonetheless.


Odin and Thor were on the move too.

"Hurry, Thor, I must inform the einherjar who the traitors are! We must get to Valhalla before Loki!" urged Odin.

"Why didn't you drop this bit of exposition for me before?" Thor asked, "I didn't know we were supposed to be hurrying."

Thor ordered his goats to travel faster through the mist.


But they were already too late. Loki had entered Valhalla.


"You fools!" Loki laughed, "did you really expect to defeat my minions and I so easily? No one outsmarts me! Little did you know, I enlisted two factions of traitors, one going by the name 'The Servants of Loki', the other, 'The Minions of Loki'. You have failed, and now it is time for you all to die. Rise, my servants, rise! Kill these remaining loyalists."


But none of the warriors stood up. They all looked around at each other in puzzlement.


"Oh, that's right," Loki remembered, "I only recruited one faction. I knew I'd forgotten to do something... It's not easy scheming while there's a snake spitting on your head..."


"No matter," said Loki, "using Sæhrímnir, I have revived the rest of my servants. Prepare to die, you loyal fools!"


Ragnar had gathered the remaining einherjar, who were ready for battle.


Between the tables of Valhalla, the two sides faced each other down...


... Before abandoning all discipline and jumping into battle!


Patrekr the Red (Palathadric) surveyed the battlefield, looking for an enemy. While he wasn't looking, the scummy Sigmund sneaked up behind him...


But using the lightning-fast reflexes that only a paranoid axe owner has, Patrekr swiftly cut Sigmund down in mid-air.


Ragnar managed to make it up to the balcony and eyed his target below...


He made a perfect landing, cutting the jestful Jormund in half.


Wilhalm Bloodaxe (WhiteFang) sized up his opponent. Calm and composed, he stayed still as a statue, waiting for an opening...


Hervi Puddinghead was baffled as Wilhalm remained inactive...


But Wilhalm's patience payed off. Hervi had been standing directly under an old rusting chandelier, which fell from the ceiling and crushed him to death.


Meanwhile, Snotra Carrotface (Scubacarrot) overpowered Gerrid and threw her against the table.


Disarmed, Gerrid could only look up in horror. Snotra produced her rolling pin and proceeded to flatten Gerrid's face into mush


Before engaging in battle, Sveinn the Uninspired (Scouty) decided to make some small talk with his enemy.

"Nice weather we're having, isn't it?" Sveinn asked.

"It is," Dagrun replied.

"... I hear salmon costs two hacks of silver these days. Can you believe that?"

"... I can."


Having exhausted his repertoire of small talk, Sveinn looked around the room, trying to think of another topic to bring up.

"... Table legs... Uhhh... walls..."


Unfortunately, he couldn't think of anything else. He raised his axe and killed Dagrun in a very uninspired way.


Carl Poem-Piece (Capt. Redblade) had been backed into the corner by Beorn Ale-Lover. Carl, realising that his death was nigh, lamented his fate and began to sing a eulogy for himself...

"Carl likes it when it's warm,

Carl likes it when it's icy.

Carl likes his mead in a horn,

Carl likes his chicken spicy..."


Carl continued to sing his long-winded poem, driving a frustrated Beorn to turn to the drink.


Beorn glugged down a keg of ale and died of alcohol poisoning.


Finally, an oblivious Dragmall (Dragonator) was being stalked by a dark figure...


Using the element of surprise, the figure knocked Dragmall to the ground. He then bent over Dragmall and raised his sword to kill.

"You fool!" The hooded figure whispered, "no man can kill me!"


"I am no man!" Dragmall shouted, throwing off her fake beard.


"Well, everyone knew that," the figure tried to explain, "I was just using a figure of speech. It's not true anyway, a man probably could kill me. Actually, men have killed me, on several occasions in fact..."


Sensing that the figure's guard was down, Dragmall lunged at her assailant, plunging her sword into his hood.


Dragmall pulled her sword out, shocked to find the mangled face of Wary the Black, the final Servant of Loki!


The einherjar, having defeated the Servants of Loki in battle, looked around at the carnage that had been created.


... But it wasn't over yet. Loki's maimed minions stumbled back to their master, who had the meat of Sæhrímnir ready for them again.


Soon, they were all good as new.


"We can do this all day if you'd like," Loki smiled.


Fortunately, they didn't do this all day. This conclusion is long enough. Just then, Thor's chariot came crashing into the hall, trampling Loki and his servants.


In the face of Odin and Thor, the traitors fled in terror from the all-mighty gods.


Wary, realising that he'd made a horrible mistake by joining in with Loki's plot, decided to make amends with the gods he had betrayed.


With a single swing of the axe, Wary beheaded two vile Servants of Loki.


However, treason could never be forgiven, as Odin demonstrated when he impaled Wary on the spot.


Loki looked for an escape route, but instead came face-to-face with Thor.


"Come on, Thor. It was all just a joke. In the end, we all had some fun, right?"


Thor answered Loki's pleas with a swift hammer to the head.


Finally, Loki and his servants were well and truly defeated.

"So, who do we execute next?" Ragnar asked, excited.


Odin turned to Ragnar.

"It's over, Ragnar. Our enemies are defeated. We're all going to live in peace now. I don't want to see any more blood shed in these halls."


"But... but... we'll have another one these things soon, right?" Ragnar stammered.

"It's over," Odin replied.


As Ragnar sulked off, the rest of the einherjar set about restoring Valhalla to it's former glory.


Luckily, they had kept a pile of their dead friends close by, who could now be brought back to life with the power of boar meat...


Lo and behold, the great warriors of Valhalla were alive - Erling the Unlucky, Lefsi Red-Shirt, Holti, Bolobus the Robust and Smior Dead-Man-Walking!


Oh, and some other randoms were revived too...


With the hall, tidied up, the einherjar were ready for another night of feasting and boozing.


Now that the traitors had been put to death, the hall was slightly emptier than it had been at it's height. However, there were also a couple of notable loyal einherjar who were missing from the feast...


Ragnar had retired to his quarters, bemoaning the fact that he would never experience such a bloodbath again. Having been relieved of his command of Valhalla by Odin, he no longer had any duties left to occupy his mind. His thoughts turned back to the horrible deeds he had committed. The ghosts of his past returned to haunt him.


Harald awoke from his slumber in the dark cellar beneath Valhalla.


Harald became aware of a bright light, and looked up to find the door to his prison unlocked.


In the main hall, the einherjar were just about ready for their main course - the magnificent Sæhrímnir!


Harald now stumbled through the hallways, looking for Ragnar's room.


Harald opened the door...


... Ragnar standing there, back turned to Harald...


... some of the einherjar prepared to cut up Sæhrímnir for the rest of the guests...


Harald crept behind Ragnar, axe raised. Ragnar was waiting for him...





Harald looked down in shock at what he had done.


Ragnar lay on the floor amongst his blood.

"The horror..." he whispered...


Congratulations Einherjar, winners of Ragnarok Nöw!



Dragmall (Dragonator) - Einherjar


Sveinn the Uninspired (Scouty) - Einherjar


Patrekr the Red (Palathadric) - Einherjar


Wilhalm Bloodaxe (WhiteFang) - Einherjar


Snotra Carrotface (Scubacarrot) - Einherjar


Carl Poem-Piece (Capt. Redblade) - Einherjar

The Dead (again):


Magnus (Masked Builder) - Einherjar - mod-killed, Day One


Danr the Dragon-Slayer (Dannylonglegs) - Einherjar - convicted, Day One


Steinvoir Meat-Shield (Shadows) - Einherjar - murdered, Night One


Jormund (JimButcher) - Servant of Loki - murdered, Night One


Gerrid (Captain Genaro) - Servant of Loki - convicted, Day Two


Gofraid the Foog (Fugazi) - Einherjar - murdered, Night Two


Chief Mursi (CorneliusMurdock) - Einherjar - murdered, Night Two


Hervi Pudding-Head (Hinckley) - Servant of Loki - convicted, Day Three


Bergulf (badboytje88) - Einherjar - murdered, Night Three


Sigmund (Sisco) - Servant of Loki - murdered, Night Three


Stemid the Pale (Sandy) - Einherjar - convicted, Day Four


Finn the Squinter (fhomess) - Einherjar - murdered, Night Four


Erik the Boneless (Etzel) - Einherjar - murdered, Night Four


Beorn Ale-Lover (Bob) - Servant of Loki - convicted, Day Five


Dagrun (Darkdragon) - Servant of Loki - murdered, Night Five


Petrus Fire-Starter (Pandora) - Einherjar - convicted, Day Six


Rurik the Bastard (Rick) - Einherjar - murdered, Night Six


Canute Grey-Bush (CallMePie) - Einherjar - murdered, Night Six


Cranebeinn (Chromeknight) - Einherjar - murdered, Night Six


Wary the Black (Waterbrick Down) - Servant of Loki - convicted, Day Seven



Fugazi - vigilante

Waterbrick Down - compulsive vigilante

badboythe88 - investigator - compares allegiances

CallMePie - tracker

Capt. Redblade - watcher

Chromeknight - random inventor

Scouty - protector

Dragonator - blocker

fhomess - deputy - must find investigator first

Palathadric - paranoid gun owner

Dannylonglegs - vanilla

Shadows - vanilla

Cornelius Murdock - vanilla

Pandora - vanilla

Rick - vanilla

Scubacarrot - vanilla

Etzel - vanilla

WhiteFang - vanilla

Sandy - vanilla

Servants of Loki

Sisco - killer

Hinckley - 2-shot converter - either converts a townie into a neutral or a neutral into a scum (target retains night action)

Darkdragon - decoy - all actions directed at target are redirected at themselves

Bob - role cop

Captain Genaro - blocker

JimButcher - compulsive prankster - targets player, does nothing.

Night Actions

Night One

Fugazi - kill no one

Waterbrick Down - kill JimButcher

badboytje88 - compare Pandora and Hinckley

CallMePie - track Fugazi

Capt. Redblade - watch Scouty

Chromeknight - invent for fhomess (bulletproof)

Scouty - protect Pandora

Dragonator - block badboytje88

fhomess - find no one

Hinckley - convert no one

Sisco - kill Shadows

Darkdragon - decoy Pandora

JimButcher - prank Dragonator

Bob - investigate Fugazi

Captain Genaro - block Rick

Night Two

Fugazi - kill Sandy

Waterbrick Down - kill CorneliusMurdock

badboytje88 - compare badboytje88 and Hinckley

CallMePie - track Dragonator

Capt. Redblade - watch Dragonator

Chromeknight - invent for Fugazi

Scouty - protect Dragonator

Dragonator - block Pandora

fhomess - find badboytje88

Hinckley - convert no one

Sisco - kill Fugazi

Darkdragon - decoy badboytje88

Bob - block Fugazi

Night Three

Waterbrick Down - kill Sisco

badboytje88 - compare badboytje88 and Rick

CallMePie - track Pandora

Capt. Redblade - watch Dragonator

Chromeknight - invent for WhiteFang

Scouty - protect badboytje88

Dragonator - block fhomess

fhomess - find Pandora

Sisco - ascetic/kill badboytje88

Darkdragon - block Chromeknight

Bob - role cop Dragonator

Night Four

Waterbrick Down - kill Etzel

CallMePie - track darkdragon

Capt. Redblade - watch Scouty

Chromeknight - invent for Dragonator

Scouty - protect Dragonator

Dragonator - block Rick

Darkdragon - convert Waterbrick Down

Bob - kill fhomess

Night Five

CallMePie - track WhiteFang

Capt. Redblade - watch Dragonator

Chromeknight - invent for Dragonator

Scouty - protect Dragonator

Dragonator - block Pandora

Waterbrick Down - kill Darkdragon

Darkdragon - convert Waterbrick Down

Night Six

CallMePie - track Palathadric

Capt. Redblade - watch Scubacarrot

Chromeknight - invent for Palathadric

Scouty - protect Dragonator

Dragonator - block Rick and Scubacarrot

Waterbrick Down - kill Rick

Night Seven

Capt. Redblade - watch Scouty

Scouty - protect Dragonator

Dragonator - block WhiteFang

Palathadric - track Scubacarrot

Dead Writeboard:

Password: hoddmimisholt

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Woo! :laugh:

Awesome game TPRU, thank you! Perfect timing for it to end on the day of my last exam. :tongue: I had a great time, and your presentation and hosting was top notch as always. So manly! :wub:

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Wish I'd had a lot more opportunity to play, but it was a lot of fun to watch and predict and then see it all come to pass. Absolutely fantastic job TPRU, as always! :thumbup:

So manly! :wub:

Being dead for a week sure leaves a guy stiff. Maybe you could help out a bit, my lovely, manly dear? :wink:

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Great job with the game, TinyPies! The townies were a bit too happy lynching their own during the process of this game, but I'm glad they got their acts together in the end. :thumbup:

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Stupid paranoid axe owner.

:cry_sad: I really do feel bad having killed you, especially after I had just cast the deciding vote against Pandora. At least we won. :cry_happy: I guess I should have read up on being a paranoid axe owner, before deciding to keep my role secret, especially since I did know that I had it. I am glad my decision to trust Dragonator was well-founded.

Fantastic game, TinyPiesRUs! I don't think Mafia can get much better than this. Your scenes were absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed how the players were quite active althroughout. On day 6 especially we really clocked a lot of posts. I am very glad I signed up for this and that I was accepted. :classic:

I feel bad for Waterbrick Down who was so active in killing off the scum, but then got converted and died with them. Great kill choices though. :thumbup:

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Yay! It's over!

Ugh, that was so stressful, but we won, yay! Big thanks to Draggy and our partnership, I'm glad we didn't lynch you :grin: .

Big props to Darkdragon and WBD for lasting so long. Very clever pinning Pandora like that, I wish we had seen through that. WBD and the town block had a great relationship, it's too bad you were converted at the end so you couldn't win with us :sad:

A great big thanks and hearty congratulations to TinyPies on hosting another great game with a great presentation. Thank you!

More thoughts later, but this is just a great feeling after the whole stress of the game, I'm so glad it's over :grin:

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Great job, everybody! :thumbup:

Thanks for hosting, TinyPiesRUs. That was a lot of fun and really exciting on many days! Most days, I had no idea who was going to be lynched until the last hours of the day.

More, if provoked. :blush:

I have a MOC of Hervi's pig farm. It has no roof yet... :sceptic:

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The pictures and hosting were great, although some things were really odd to me (roles) :laugh:. I enjoyed the game. WBD and DD, you in particular did a great job as scum.

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I'll say more later, but great job TPRU. :thumbup: This is one of my most favorite games that I have played in here on EB, even if it did have a rather sad ending for me. The presentation, story, characters, humor, and everything was fantastic.

Just one quick question, was there a mechanic that revealed Hinckley's sleeping and Fugazi's specific killing action during the Night 1 and 2 recaps?

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We abandoned the scum board after Day Three I think, but in our scum conversation we talked about us having screwed up so bad that it actually made us look good.

By the way, I thought the boar was thrown into a pond somewhere.

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Congrats to the Town! :thumbup: I've been loosely watching this game, and it was definitely a blast to watch! And now I can join in the next advanced game with all of you guys. :classic:

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Here's my role PM


Sveinn the Uninspired

Claim to Fame: Sveinn the Uninspired was pretty boring. Uncharismatic, dull and lifeless, he never really established a proper identity for himself. I suppose he's got some sort of silver theme going on, but aside from that...

Cause of Death: Natural causes.

Allignment: Einherjar (Town)

Night Action: You are the protector. Each night you may target one player, and they will not be able to be killed.

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Excellent game everyone! I enjoyed reading every minute of it, and I also feel kinda bad for Waterbrick Down having done such a good job as town and then gets converted on the last day....

I have a MOC of Hervi's pig farm. It has no roof yet... :sceptic:

Oooh! Could you please post it when you get it finished? :sweet:

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Yay! :wub:

Awesome game TPRU. This was definitely one of my favorite mafia games so far. :thumbup: :thumbup: The story and presentation in particular were really cool.

Great job to the scum, too. I can't believe how often you kept getting killed off at night, but you guys kept right on going until the end. :sweet:

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I also feel kinda bad for Waterbrick Down having done such a good job as town and then gets converted on the last day

If only he hadn't tried to stab me in the back, we would have won. Luckily I was at least somewhat prepared for his treatury..

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I think, if he didn't backstab you, we wouldn't have gone after Pandora in the end and probably go against you and WBD :tongue: , so the game might've ended sooner, I think.

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No. You are wrong.

However, day six was a gift to me from the town and I thank you all for taking all my bait. :devil:

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Wow. Awesome game, TPRU! :thumbup:

Creative story, great sets, and some very interesting characters. I was very happy to finally get my hands on a power role, and big thanks to Draggy for guiding me throughout.

So manly! :wub:

What sayst thou, Lady Dragmall? Couldst thou love a poor, third-person-speaking genius like Carl? :wink:

Also, well done Darkdragon and Waterbrick for lasting so long. The Petrus frame-up was sheer poetry. (And Carl would know.)

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No. You are wrong.

However, day six was a gift to me from the town and I thank you all for taking all my bait. :devil:

We might have lasted a day longer, but Draggy wouuld have been saved from my kill and he would have been convinved by Scouty and my arguments to lynch you the next day. Eventually they would have caught onto me since I was the only one left with a kill.

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Eventually they would have caught onto me since I was the only one left with a kill.

That's the thing. If you hadn't betrayed me :wink: then we would have had TWO kills per night which would have kept you in the clear longer. See, I was going to block Scouty that night you were suppose to kill Draggy. That was until I decided you'd betray me and decided to go with Plan B.


Of course, we can only guess what would have happened, but that's half the fun anyway.

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Draggy had sent me a message saying if he died that night (Night 5, I think) to lynch you, then WBD, then Pandora, though. The game still would've ended Day Seven, assuming everybody trusted Draggy because he turned up town. Don't blame WBD, he wasn't even scum yet at that point. :tongue:

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Thank you for a beautiful game TinyPies, I thoroughly enjoyed your set-up, the great storytelling and the excellent photography! I gather that there were also some very interesting roles in the line-up. I was killed early on so I can't wait to hear more about what I missed -- especially the night actions: who, what, why! :sweet: So congratulations Town for pulling this one off, and the same to Scum for working hard till the very end! :thumbup:

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