2012 in LEGO – call for builders for a Belgian newspaper

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Hello everyone,

I was contacted earlier this week by a journalist from the Belgian newspaper group “Vers L’Avenir”, they want to do a paper for the year end on “2012 in LEGO”. They are looking for 1 or several people willing to spend a bit of time to build a couple of scenes inspired by the highlights of the year. The idea is to write an article about it but also “film the builders in action”. I’m not really sure how this could play out as right now it’s a little blurry. All I know is that the topics could be picked by the journalist or proposed by the builder.

(I was interviewed myself by these guys earlier this year for my “Winchester” creation on CUUSOO, they wrote an article even filmed me at my place – it’s serious)

Note that this offer is targeted at Belgian AFOLs only, preferably French speaking in order to match the target audience of the paper and also because the journalist would likely need to interview directly the people taking a part in this.

While I am myself interested by the offer I can’t do this on my own – producing 5-6 MOCs for next month is just not possible for me – the timing is really tight as they want to issue the paper mid December.

The purpose of my message here today is to see if anyone would be interested in getting involved in this – either as a collaborative effort or possibly on your own. It’s all going to depend on who, when, what… first step would be to get in touch and discuss the options.

Feel free to PM me or post your questions here!

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That could be interesting, but I am not sure I would have enough time or even talent for that :D (well I have some bricks, that's already a start...)

Also for the "film the builders in action" I am not sure: the few MOCs I made in the past years were made in the way "from time to time, I build a little when I have an hour or two free for that".

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Also for the "film the builders in action"...

I know, it's a little weird isn't it? I think it's a common issue with non LEGO fans, they don't really understand the time it takes to come up with a idea, a design and ultimately a MOC!

You want to film me building a MOC? Well... sure! you think you have enough tape for that? Not to mention that it's going to be one boring show... :laugh:

LEGO is not really an action oriented hobby... but they want to show "how it's done". The video would be played at high speed or in short "move forward bits" (here is an example that I did with them). But it also means we are looking at simple and relatively small MOCs, creations that you would be able to reproduce in 10-20 minutes.

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"film the builders in action" ???

I won't speak for anyone but myself, but I'd have to imagine that watching me MOC would be about as exciting as watching James Joyce write. You'd need time lapse photography just to convince yourself that I was still breathing - not exactly the sort of spectator sport that would really back 'em in.

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