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Angeli said:

"Hi friends ;)

I was allowed to make entry for challenge V via my girlfriend. She is so sweet :) (for Avalonian:)). The entry will not be eligible for prize, for me being in exile and all that, but it will contribute to the glory of my guild! :)

I present you: Netheril


This is an ancient celestial town, and Drow used it's caverns for refugee camps during elemental rampage. Drow can not be seen in this pictures, but I will post later, as there are some nice details, like the Drow painting white into red ;)


Notice that there are almost no strait lines on this moc, all the buildings are curved, and I am especially proud of the tree trunk

Also notice that the base is 52x52= 2704 studs, and every line of bricks in the height does not exceed 2704 studs, I was pretty adamant about this ;) And this includes all the bridges, splash from waterfall and similar.

I've put only few minifigs, and there are more then 30 celestial that came to force the Drow away from their ancient city.

Notice sculpture of angel, a LOT of spiral stairs, floor on the terrace, made from trans clear plates 1x2 and 1x2

I made only ambient photos, there will be a better wave of photos, made with bright lights and better camera.

I did not have pass from Ivana's profile, so I had to wait until she came from work to post pictures :) I will post more detailed later during the week

The thing I've enjoyed a lot are white trees with orange leaves. There are a lot of thing I would like to tell you about this city, but I am short with time, and we will continue talking about it tomorrow :) Also, I\ve made a "sea surface"out of blue bricks, but then it would not be 52x52 :) I will post photos with blue sea surface during the week

What do you think? This is my firs "all cylindrical" city, and without a hint of red, visible on the first glance :)






Here you can see some other Drow cities from me:


Lith My'athar


Ched Nasad

Ust Natha




Twisted Tower of Ashaba

Ruined temple of Shar

Rilauven outpost

Llurth Dreir

Mirage Dragon

Song of Fire and Ice

Elesee Luna

Leliana Lena

And everything is nicely indexed in the topic Drow , featuring hundreds of minifigs in one place.

Edited by Gilence

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Too bad Angeli is banished but at least he still got the Drow style.

Great spiral forms.

The statue is very good. I like it a lot.

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If you were not in exile, Jelly. This would have taken some serious votes. Exquisite job as always.

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Nice job, always like your combination of white and clear! :thumbup: You really captured the "ancient celestial" feel!

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Angeli said:

"Thank you, friends :)

A tree is so close to the main tower because of the 52x52 restriction, in original plans, it should have been much more wider, with more branches and spiral stairs around it; placed on a separate island surrounded with green tick foliage, and on the place where there is a tree now, there was planed another tower

The whole building style was planed to be without any straight lines or right angles ;) And that will make a contrast with the other side, another moc that will be mostly red, with a lot of right angles, a place for the bad guys (well, mostly Drow:)) Everything will be pointy, red and between a wide bridge and scorched land, where a battle will rage between bad guys and good (girls:) all winged ;)

regarding monochromatic colors, the pictures were taken with blue light, so it can not be seen: all white tower have straight horizontal trans=light blue lines:




Tran-light blue is a light motive on white, and monochromatic of the black rocks and white castle is broken with trans orange trees, that I am very found of ;)




When new "evil" section is built, the red will be broken with yellow and lime green ;) and of course, trans orange, somehow related to the volcano that I am yet to build, regarding I've used all my black bricks for this ;)

It looks pretty impressive live, and I hope you will se it in normal picture ;)

there are some interesting pictures while in construction that can be found here

Regarding how big is creation, there are a lot of details that you could miss, and that can be noticed on these pictures, like the cross on the sword and shield of the angel statue, construction details of the round temples, inside of the mountain and similar:






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Beautiful shapes and textures :wub: I like that you have such a unique building style :thumbup:

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I really like that angel statue! The spiral staircase on the rock is nice too although I think it would be better if it was a bit wider.

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Great build! My favorite things would have to be the spiral staircases and the tree with the berries/blossoms. Beautiful as always!

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If Angeli makes me post another msg, I will ask a gender change to "unisex" :-)

Anyway, I'm sending my only representative Green Dobby to make few girlish graffiti on those nice clean white walls ;-) Just imagine, on his precious Lego city "I love Avalonia" sign made with lipstick :wub:

Anyway, here's the msg:

"thank you ;)

please note that this is just a 52x52 version, and I will be posting a whole city, with water, water splashes, minifigs, another temple on the water and similar during this week ;)

And then you will see the true power of the Celestial Netheril ;)"

There you go ;-) But I know for a fact that there will be no pictures this week, because we have saint's feast day (Ortodox tradition) happening in Friday, and I need him to help with cleaning the house for gests, and to help with nuts grinding for cake :tongue::devil: And there you have it - the world conquest will have to wait until the end of weekend :laugh:

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I never thought I would say this but I miss you my Nocturnian Friend! :classic:

This is just great Angeli! All the curves and formations makes it perfect!

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