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The hobbit sets

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Hey all!!

As all of you probably know there are for sale some lord of the rings sets out there, and, going with that theme i have found some hobbit sets which, i've been looking for a for a topic on this, However as you can tell haven't found one, so here it is!

These pictures surfaced a month ago, from the New York Comic Con. so yes, please dont get annoyed if theres already a forum on this....

First we have 'The goblin king battle', this is probably the biggest set of the range and will be be sold at around £90 ($100). It will include Dori, Nori, Ori, Gandalf, 2 goblin fighters, goblin scribe, and the goblin king.


Next, 'Riddle for the ring' which will be a toys r us exlusive, containing Gollum and Bilbo.


Next up is a smaller set, yet urguably the best a what is most likely to be the most popular, 'An unexpected gathering' which will include a Bilbo Baggin's house. This will include: Bilbo Baggins, Dwalin, Bofur, Bombur, Balin and Gandalf.


Also we have 'Attack of the wargs', which as the names suggests includes 2 wargs, Thorin, Bifur, Yazneg and 2 other orc hunters.


I will do more sets and this article is a work in progress.

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Bricktooth is correct. Since these pictures are rather old compared and we have more official pictures now, I'll just lock this rather than merge it with that discussion.

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