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MOD: Raised roof for 5867 Street Speeder - Lego Club alternate model

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Creator set 5867 (Super Speedster) is such a great set, isn't it? All three models are really detailed, inspiring, and fun to build. If you are like me, and you have a weakness for Vintage Roadsters, The Lego Club bonus model instructions make the set even better.

I rebuilt that model one afternoon, and pondered one aspect of its design - it makes use of some of the spare black and light bluish grey pieces from the kit to give the impression of a lowered soft-top roof. What would this model look like, if the roof was raised?

I had a few spare bits that could be put to good use, so I decided to create a raised roof within the limits of my tiny bit bucket (and similarly-sized brainial gland). Here is the result!


Now one doesn't need to consider British Precipitation when debating whether to take part in this year's London to Brighton Run. Huzzah!


I'm quite pleased with the overall look, considering the limits of my available pieces, and the constraints on the geometry. The roof assembly actually tilts forward by a few degrees to allow the hinge plates at the back enough clearance.


I love it when a plan comes together! The roof's tilt really complements the look of this mod - but it was a "happy accident". The windscreen's connection allowed it to be moved back, which created a gap below the black plates used for the top of the roof. The forward tilt for the whole roof assembly was now possible by using the spare red hinge bricks (and plates) from the main Super Speedster model.


Just to make sure that what I was making didn't violate building conventions, I recreated it in LDD. The only thing I couldn't place was the black 1x4 tile below the rear windows.

Download the LXF for yourself, you dastardly bounder.

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