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CCCX Classic Set reimagined: Return to the Nightlord's Tower

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... and here is a remake of a set, that is eligible for the CCCX. Last time i chose a set, that was beloved by many Afols. This time i tried to make something decent out of a bit more flawed set. Thus i chose the more obscure 6097 Night Lord's Castle


night1 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr


night2 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr


NIGHT4 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr


night3 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr

Many think that the original headgear of the batlord is a bit silly. I share their thought, so i chose Vladeks helmet, which slightly resembles a bat or a bat-cowl yet looks more like a real helmet and not a part of a silly costume.


night6 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr


night5 von tobiasgeserick auf Flickr

I think a giant bat fits much into the fright knight theme than a black dragon. What do you think?

And here is a image of the original set, released 1997 (..for those who do not remember this rather obscure set)


...and a review of eurobricks-member metalandi


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Interesting Remake!

I really like the sorcery chamber!

How did you make the giant bat-thing? I cant really tell from the pic.... :sceptic:

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Nice remake, you certainly added a lot to that castle! :thumbup: I particuarly like the new baseplate you did!

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Excellent remake! The castle is much more impressive and I like your interiors :thumbup:

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