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Locomotive Annie

WOOT! My First Order of BBB Wheels have Arrived

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A not very good morning was suddenly brightened by the postman bringing me my first order of BBB loco driving wheels. I went for the the largest size discount pack of wheels for my first order because I wanted to get an overview of the whole range and I chose Dark Grey as the colour for my wheels as I thought this would suit work-a-day steam locos better than black.

I'm absolutely so impressed with the quality of these wheels and will definitely be a repeat customer. As I've mentioned before I have an interest in 16mm scale trains as well and I'm even thinking of using BBB loco wheels when I build my next 16mm loco. Since all my large scale locos are R/C battery locos and are built around motor blocks that have plastic wheels and I've had no problems with them at all I don't see why I can't use Lego Technics and BBB wheels to build my own motor blocks instead of buying battery trainsets from chain stores to break down for parts.

Sorry for wandering off into OT territory, but I just had to say just how useful these wonderful wheels are going to be to me :sweet:

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Pics or it didnĀ“t happen ! :laugh: But seriously, update us on your progress. I am looking forward to it.

Edit: Sorry, I just found the update thread.

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