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Mirage Studios TMNT bricks?

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Something really weird just popped up at a local auction site:


Supposedly, the bricks are identical to LEGO and were made in Denmark in 1991. There are:

500 bricks

4 small tires

8 large tires

2 large axles

1 small axle

9 gray plates 3 x 6.5 cm

39 windows and doors

4 large half-cylinders and 5 small half-cylinders that form a pipe

6 round stands

2 covers

4 green plates 19 x 9.5 cm

cardboard characters

Is it even remotely possible that LEGO manufactured this for Mirage Studios, considering the "made in Denmark" mark?

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I believe that Byggis was a Swedish clone brand, but I wasn't aware that their bricks were made in Denmark. Hopefully someone will have more information.

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I have a few of these bricks because they have occasionally been in some LEGO lots I have bought.

They aren’t completely identical to ordinary LEGO Bricks. The bricks do for obvious reasons not have LEGO written on the studs, the mold for the 1x1x1 cylinders are different to the one LEGO uses today, but is pretty much identical to an older version the cylinder without the narrower bottom from the 60’s. The colours are very close though, green and brown are nearly identical, gray is a little darker and light green is a little different from LEGO lime green. I also have some 2x2 plates that are ½ a brick thick rather than the usual 1/3 of a brick. There are also some minor molding differences inside the bricks.

No idea about where they were made though.

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