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Fiat 131 Abarth

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Fiat 131 Abarth

After a long period without lego mocs creating i present my lego versionb of the Fiat 131 abarth.


First of all thanks to Sheepo´s MPS, without these designs i really have a lot of porblems and a lot of time to finish it. I used FA1B (Front Mcpherson) and RCD1 (Rear live axle) like the real one.

I choose this car because my father hay the diesel version 131 "supermirafiori" when i was a child.

The functions are:

- 1 PF XL for traction

- 1 PF M for direction with functional steering wheel

- 1 PF M for the 2 speed gearbox (with indicator lever)

- Rear and Front PF lights remotely controled by PF

Body design is not very good but i can not do it better :blush:









Door and rollcage details


Engine detail with distribution chain and water pump


Steering wheel and gear lever detail


The video:

For more pics:


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First great welcom at EB and what a entry you make.

I love your Abarth, it,s great looking and olso the future's you build in. Can't wait too see your next moc :thumbup::drool:

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Great car I love the chain incorporated in the motor, gives it a more realistic feel.

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I like your model and I think the body is very good looking. It is quite recognizable.

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