how do I motorize lego technic 9397

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You take a battery box (rechargeable smallest) and an XL/Large for propultion and a servo for steering. Then add an XL for the crane if you want too. - And a couple of IR recievers

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That is my advise as well! :wink:

But seriously though, I would imagine this to be one of the easier models to motorize.

You already have a driveline going from the rear wheels, and up to the front, so just replace the fake inline 4 cylinder engine with a PF motor. Probably even room for an XL in there. Stick a PF servo front down (or up) directly on the vertical axle for the HOG steering, and secure it, place an IR Receiver where one of the seats is, and run them all off the original battery!

Do you have the necessary parts? Have you tried anything?

I don't have this set myself, but this seems like logical way to go. Of course; don't expect the parts to just "drop in" there, minor modifications must of course be expected...

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gives a clue on how to fully motorize a Lego Technic 9397 Logging Truck. He wrote that it is a "brief video demonstration of how I have incorporated additional "power functions" to make "Lego Technic 9397 Logging Truck" fully "remote control".

1 XL-motor drives both rear axles

1 M-motor for steering

1 IR Receiver

1 Remote Control

1 Set LEDs"


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