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Andy D

The Count's Cemetary

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On Halloween The Count's Cemetary comes alive (well, undead anyway)

This is a WIP as I just did not have time to finish before Halloween.

This is outside the gate to The Count's Cemetary, Open the gate... If you dare...


You just had to go and open the gate

On Halloween night the Count's statue changes from grey cement to full color.


This is an overview, on the right you see the undead doing their favorite dance, "The Thriller"


On the left side of the cemetary, just outside the broken wall is a coven of witches, doing what witches do.

(The Cauldron is an inside-out 56x26 LEGO tyre from LegoLord's MOC, "The Cauldron of Doom" at )


Behind the witches are a couple (because one is never enough) headless horsemen riding through the Jack-O-Lantern patch


Just a close-up of the Thriller dance.


An overview of the cemetary


Finally, The Count coming out of his tomb for the Halloween celebration.


See more of the Count's Cemetary at

I hope you enjoy, C&C welcome.

Happy late Halloween,

Andy D

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Look at all those witches!

Also perfect alternate use of the ringwraith horses.

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This MOC looks great so far. The vines everywhere are excellent details and I like how all the zombies and monsters are all lined up. The witches' cauldron also looks great. :sweet:

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