Back to lego after 15+ yrs

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Hi all,

Im JP, im 30 and live in the Midlands (UK)

As a kid i loved lego and creating different models that had no instructions bar those in my head. Well 15+ years on ive decided im getting back into it :D

I love the idea of a military theme, but know that Lego dont do modern warfare kits.... seems im in my prime with this theme being a self modeller by heart.

I seem to remember as a kid, having a catalouge of different bricks avalible but cant find this anywhere online. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction ?


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Thanks for the welcome. I did come across brick link but only saw where you could search for pieces and i dont know part numbers or names. I will have another look.



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Welcome! 30 years young, in the UK and coming out of the Dark Ages after a decade and a half...yep, sounds familiar! I'm finding it's not a bad time to get back into Lego actually - you probably have your own place and disposable income so really...why not indeed?

Bricklink is the main place people seem to go for an online catalogue of bricks and complete sets (it's mega-useful for getting the pieces together for your own models as well as spare parts) but there's a 'pick a brick' feature on the official site too. I've only used Bricklink personally, but there's a thread on this forum somewhere that has tips and advice on how to use and navigate it. The categories and sub-categories are confusing at first but you soon get used to it. :classic:

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