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Last Gas

US Air Force Uniforms - Last Gas AFB

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Good afternoon, long timer lurker, finally getting around to doing some of the customizations I've had on my mind for quite some time.

I've been slowly developing my own Lego "city" and am starting to make some headway. A major portion of said city will be "Last Gas Air Force Base," home of the 47th Air Base Wing. Below are a couple of my initial tests at using waterslide decals to create US Air Force uniforms.



This is the Wing Commander and one of the Pilots from the Operations Group. I've got several more to work on as I have time, I'm hoping the stripes on the sleeves of the enlisted troops aren't too difficult to apply. However I'm pretty stoked at how well these first two attempts worked.

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Update Time!

I was able to get the stripes on the uniform sleeves to work very well, I'm happy to say.

Below are a few shots of my Security Forces Personnel all decked out and ready to defend their base.




A little closer look at the insigina. I am going to work on the beret flash next to complete their uniforms.

The weapons are from Brick Arms and the berets are from Brick Forge.

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Here's one shot of my enlisted troops in their blues.


It looks like my TSgt is loosing his stripe. The torso decals seem to be sticking just fine, but I'm having some issues with the ones on the sleeves. Is there something I can do to make them adhere better? The instructions with the decals (Testors, by the way) said to let them dry overnight, but I've had a few come loose.

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