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How to make a Grapple Batarang

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Okay guys, today I'm gonna explain how to create your own grapple batarang... if you have the pieces of course!

What you'll need...

1x old Bat 'wing'

Some thread or string, ( note for purists, LEGO have released string before although it may be too long for this purpose.)

1x Droid body piece (SW) http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=30375

Now the last part can be in any colour, although you'll find that black or silver work best as that stick to Batman's colour scheme.


Firstly, cut the string or thread down to around 15cm (depending on the function it will serve) and place to one side.

Next, take the wing piece and tie one end of the string through the middle. Check that this is a strong knot and snip off any excess thread.

Tie the other end of the string onto the droid body, making sure that the knot is under the stud the way it would be if the part was used on a droid. This is vital as you will need the other half of the body to clip to a minifig.

Take a minifigure (obviously this is designed for Batman) and clip there hands onto the other half of the body part.

Unfortunately, I was unable to post pictures of what the finished build looks like, but I have made these many times and the finished outcome looks simple but cool.

If anybody makes this, I would love to see some pics and hear some thoughts on it.

Even though it is a simple build, I believe it is pretty decent as a grapple.


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Any pics yet, I'll vote yes if so :)

I agree, currently the tutorial needs them, and future one's would to. I'd vote yes for pics haha

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I really would prefer if people voted NO and actually gave some constructive criticism rather than vote NO without any trace of a reason. That is the reason that the option is there!

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I voted yes because I am a fan of tutorials in general. They're a great way to share our knowledge and for everyone to learn new techniques.

But a tutorial needs to include photographs! In this case, I am really struggling to visualise how the pieces fit together and what the end product looks like.

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