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Lego GBC Rotative Module

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Today I present one of the creations of which I am most proud of. It took me three months to design it in LDD, but when I received the parts and built it I was pleasantly surprised. It worked great! Much better than I expected. Here it is :)


Its working is very simple: A PF M motor turns a worm gear and then a 24 teeth gear. This moves the entire octagon, carrying balls. Its speed is much greater than a ball per second. I have not calculated but it may be two balls per second!


The Input Hopper was the most difficult part to design and what took me longer. After many attempts I found the right way. Simply using 135 and 157 degrees connectors you can build that semi heptagon with two plates.

This allows you to collect all the balls except the last which costs a bit more :D.


So far the only bug I've noticed is that if the balls arrive very fast they get inside the octagon and do not go out of the module ... I guess the solution is to close the inner octagon, but for now I will not close it.

The output:


Finally here you have the video ;).

Instructions available, in LDD:;topic=16784.0;attach=23244

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Very nice.

As for your one "mistake" you don't need to fill in the whole area, just fill it enough that balls can't sit in there. One solution would be to put axles (with bushings) into the spokes. You already have some 2 long axles holding the beams. Change those to 4 long axles, and add four more in one of the other two holes on each spoke and you should be set. That should even add a little more to the look, which is pretty cool.


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Thank you for commenting!

I will try that. It seems that it will work. Give me some minutes ;).


Here it is. Was this what you told? :)


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