Projects, projects, projects!

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Hello AFOLs,

Now that I have fully restart my classes, I have time to post new MOCs. So it will be a short and simple explanation. I made this little project in my "free time" about 2 months ago, during a big rush, so during the night ... instead of sleeping ...

I'm sure many of you will love it and even recognize them selves, because I do not think these situations are the only for architecture and school projects! They can be easily be live at your office or in your family.

So, it is simply some vignettes representing the number of projects and especially the reaction and how we deal with it!

Now that the project is complete, check out the last Level 6-7-8-9 and 10!!

Notice: In each vignette you will find a clue of the new one (a little concept), could you guess what is it?


Projects, projects, projects, the overall picture!


Usually at this point everyone is happy and work on their favorite hobby! Or as said, do nothing.


Because some of you notice the flute on my previous MOC. Music is a good way to pass time. Cheer!


Because you start working, you thing you will work hard for real, but it is just an illusion, it will pass...


At this point, you begin to realize that you should start working because new projects keep entering and now you hunt time!


When you read that line over and over...


Okay, I have finally finish it, so I hope you will enjoy and maybe survive till the end! So place for Level 6-7-8-9 and 10!



That's the question! Well you'll sleep sometimes, later... Next month.


Only because the taste is good, note because you need one!


Lonelyness you getting use to it.


The ultimate effort, reach your limits.


At this point... well I think you get it!

The gallerie: http://www.flickr.co...otos/harton888/


So, how many projects can you take? Do you recognized yourself, in these situations?

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!



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:laugh_hard: :laugh_hard: :laugh_hard: I find myself in it perfectly.

Fantastic work, I can not wait to see the remaining projects :excited: :excited:

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Cool scenes 'harton'......but will he ever finish his creation ? :head_back:

Brick On 'harton' ! :wink:

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I can definitely relate to this.

Great build all round, but I really like the table and lamp. :wub:

The expression in Level 4 is perfect. It looks like he's had a few too many "No-Doze" pills.

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Thanx for your analyse and effectively the expression in Level 4 wa inspired by a similar situation! Don't forget to look the other one!

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Excellent work on the new levels.

I like the progressive accumulation of mugs and the transformation of the skin tone over the levels is very clever. You can feel him descending into chaos.

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Fantastic work :thumbup: :thumbup: , I find me perfectly especially in 9 and 10 :grin: :grin:

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Really nice, I recognize the situations. Good use of the flesh head!

I'm also an architecture student and currently working on my graduation desgin, which has to be finished in five weeks, so I'm now entering 'Level 8'. It's just me and my project!

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