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A school project my son made...

A story combining the cold blood of the Silurians and the cybernetic conversion frenzy brought on by the cybermen locating a dormant colony.

To say nothing about every bodies favourite Time Lord, and, of course, the Ponds...

As a compromise between a tradition comic and animation (with the patience required that may not always be there...) we present a Motion Comic.

Images brought into iMovie. sounds, dialogue and music added with garageband. All voices by the one kid, with different filters applied to each character's audio track

Do you have 3 minutes 40 seconds to spare?

I would like to apologise for the use of Character Building Figures to stand in for the main characters... Its the story that counts, Right?

Please send us your feedback

gasdoc oz

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Your son did a really great job with this movie! He has quite an impressive collection of the CB Dr Who figures, I'm quite jealous.

I hope he will keep making films and you will keep sharing them with us. :thumbup:

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