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Earliest Regular LEGO Sets (1953-55)

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From 1949-54 TLG made LEGO sets under the AUTOMATIC BINDING BRICKS box top identifier.

It wasn't until 1953 that just LEGO was mentioned on the box tops. The first sets with just LEGO on it were the LEGO Mursten sets introduced in Denmark (1953-55), Norway (1954-55) and Sweden (1955). "Mursten" loosely translated means "bricks" in all 3 languages.

The first LEGO Mursten sets came in many different color hues. The sets were (starting with the largest, going counterclockwise).... basic sets 700/1, 700/2, 700/3, 700/3A, 700/4, 700/5, 700/6 and (bricks only) 700A. These images are from my Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide (1949-90s) as DVD download... Chapter 5 - LEGO Mursten & LEGO System Basic Sets (1953-65).


Earlier (1953-54) sets had 3-4 different color bricks arranged in checkerboard fashion. Later from late 1954-55 the sets had mainly only red and white bricks arranged this way. Here is a 1953-1954 Danish Retailer Catalog page showing the sets and how their contents were arranged...


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From Chapter 5 of my LEGO DVD/download.... 1955-59 LEGO sets started having their box tops printed in the local language... although some countries (such as Portugal) only used the international "LEGO System". Here are a few of the box top designs in different languages, as well as the international box. Also shown is the side of the boxes for the international box type that listed all the countries the sets were for... (ironically Portugal and Finland were not listed):



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