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MOD: 9396 helicopter with cyclic and collective controls

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Here is my attempt at modding the 9396 with cyclic and collective controls:

It is still a work in progress, the functions don't work as they should yet.

There's too much play in the mechanics, when I move the sticks, the blades barely move.

Also I am still looking at how I can change the connection between the swashplate and the rotor because of the play.

The tailrotor is also modified with links, altough no pedals have been added (yet?) in the cockpit. There 's no more space available.

The links used for the tailrotor are these: sadly these links are too bulky, so they limit the movement.

I must admit I underestimated this mod! I have considered modifying some pieces but IMO this goes beyond the purpose of Lego.

PS: sorry for the quality of the pictures, it was a quick photosession.

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From my experience in this domain i have a some things that can help you.

Thirst, the connector between the blade and the swashplate must be absolutely vertical to avoid exessive 'play' in the mecanics.

Always test the movement in rotation AND while not in rotation. The angle in your connector create resistance by centifugal effect when rotors rotate.

Second: all the cynematics of the command from the cockpit's command until the swashplate link must be undeformable, and very precisely controled.

It's very important that your construction avoid one and only one movement possible.

Never use gears in commands, always articulated connectors.

Think to 'block' in a perfectly vertical and only movement the pieces between the command and the swashplate.

And last but not least, all of this will not work proprely if there is resistance in the blades movement at the junction with rotor head. Think to create articulation with as less resistance as possible.

On your fotos i can see the articulation bounding with the weight of the blade...

If you still need help.....

EDIT : i think also tha the syncronisation system between the rotor hub and swashplate is engaged in your problem. try to insert my solution (on the huey) or realised a system in double to equilibrate the force while in rotation. a video could be usefull to see what's wrong with your model. END EDIT

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