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(MOC) Abandoned Mansion

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Very good MOC with a lot of details I still have to find. I especially like those graveyards.

I don't think that his is a good Cuusoo project though. It is too similar to the Haunted House. So it's not a new idea. :classic: It's your try nevertheless :wink:

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I have to disagree- the Modular series is very different, and whilst the Haunted House shares similarities with this one (as it was what inspired it) - They're vastly different- including very different front door sections - as for whether or not Lego would make it *shrugs* it wouldn't be the first time they've released similar/identical sets - Brick Queen just did a comparison of the two Werewolf sets- one from Studios theme and the other from Monster Fighters, and whilst different themes, very similar sets, essentially the same set updated.

But also, an abandoned mansion and a haunted house are two very different beasts- one has ghosts, the other is just an old, dilapidated house with noone living there, not even ghosts. :)

Don't worry, both of these comments went through my mind when I submitted it - but since the modular theme is very different to Monster Fighters, I figured Cuusoo would deem it unworthy (like they did my Santa's Workshop which is better) and not publish it. Turns out they did it first go, so they must've liked what they saw.

But yeah- Monster Fighters = childish, Modulars = adultish, in terms of building, design etc. very different themes :)

Hope that puts your minds at rest :) -

Besides, I'm never going to get a project to 10,000 votes, this is all for my son to see when he's old enough, if one ever does make it to sale, then that money will be his university fund hahaha

but thank you for the nice comments, this is the first thing I've ever made that I liked lol well, besides my rocky horror cast of characters in minifigs.

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