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Cemetary Gate 2012 and Headless Horseman

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So for Halloween this year my son asked me to build a MOC of something 'Halloween/Spooky/Creepy to display in our home'. I was more than happy to oblige him with this MOC of a Cemetary Gate and Headless Horseman and a roving bone collector. Of course after not building of doing anything with Legos for almost 9 months, the MOC bug has reared its ugly head and bitten me again, so now this creation is slated to become part of a much larger display that my kids are giving me input on including tombstones, masuleums, trees, and a bunch of other creepy/spooky things. Plus with the whole line of Monster Fighters being released and it being Halloween and all this is just to good of a time not to get back into building.



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That gate is really spooky! I can picture you, in your spare time, expanding the bricked-up area to include a cemetery with a bare lightning-struck tree and tombstones.


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