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Power corrupts, one year story of Keliim

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Keliim the slave/soon to be freedom fighter


Keliim is a slave in a ancient kingdom ruled by a evil ruler. Endlessly working in the gem and mineral mines under the capitol city, he one day found a chest buried in the dirt. Watching out for guards he quickly opened the chest, finding a strange helmet and hammer inside. Fitting the helmet on and grabbing the hammer in his hands, he felt power and might run through his body. As he walk towards the first guard that runned against him, Keliim knew what he had to do.

Keliim the Warlord


Keliim quickly rose to become one of the leaders of the rebels who opposed the ruler of the kingdom. Everybody who got in his way he smashed with his Hammer of might, nobody could restrain the power he had. And quickly the evil tyranny meet it's end.

When it was time to choose a new ruler, Keliim was choosen. And he accepted with honor and a smile on his face :devil:


Let me know what you think, C & C welcome.

This is my entry for the BrickWarriors One Year Anniversity Minifig contest.

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Thanks for the comments and for liking it :D

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I see an alarming increase in the one-liner "cool" pots around here lately, and especially in this thread.

Please post only if you have something to say about a custom, like your impressions and suggestions. Make this conversations interesting. :wink:

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