Mafia School: Police Infiltration - Day Six

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Night falls predictably; as predictably as night following.. yeah, anyway, Christine is finding it difficult to sleep, so she's busying herself in the canteen.


"I have always found it easier to communicate through pastry" she mutters to herself "so I hope that once more these brave police folks will enjoy my delicious cherry-death cake"


"Yumm" says the dark, dark figure that has snuck up behind her, lightsaber raised "I'll have that... once you're DEAD! Ahahahaha!"


And Christine's head is severed clean from her body before she can even utter a word; blood spatters all around, defiling the delicacy.


"Muahahaha!" and "omnomnom" chuckles the sinister figure as it runs off, taking the cake with it, blood and all.


Later that night, Randy and Poppy find Christine's body in their usual sweep of the station, and pick her up to carry off for further examination.


"Oooooh, cherries!" and Randy can't control himself in the taking of his favourite fruit


With a little bit of huffing and puffing, Poppy and Randy also manage to somehow carry away the dead crocodile containing Phyllis.

Amazingly, all three manage to fit in the elevator and make it down to the ground floor. No, really.


As Poppy drags the dead croc out by its tail, Randy takes to munching on his pilfered cherries and making his phonecall..


"So, yeah, pick up, same place and same time" he says

"Tell them to find a vet" calls Poppy "you know, for the crocodile"

"Oh, yeah, one of them is sort of inside a crocodile... don't ask..." more muttering issues from the phone "I said don't ask!" and Randy finishes his call exasperatedly


The next morning the Stationers wake up to a bit of a surprise.


"If you're wondering why we're still in our pyjamas, it's because we've been up all night" says Poppy

"Actually, no, that wasn't the surprise" shouts a Stationer

"Yeah, actually the surprise was waking up here, in the cells" shouts another, somewhat peeved

"Well, that's sort of related" says Randy "we were up all night putting you in the cells, hence the pyjamas"


"Answer us!" the Stationers shout "Why have you locked us up??"

"Ohh" say Randy and Poppy in chorus

"Well, firstly you should know that Phyllis, once they got her out of the crocodile, was indeed a member of the Mafia" says Randy

"So??" cry the Stationers "why lock us up?"

"And secondly" continues Poppy "Christine was murdered last night, and she was a member of the Town"

"Quite simply, there are few enough of you to fit in there now, and we don't really want some sort of crazed killer running around the station at night when we have better things to do" says Randy


Poppy raises her gun in warning

"I suggest you get talking..." she says


"..and while you do, we need to go and rest a while. We'll come back and check on you in a bit."

The remaining Stationers have no choice but to confront each other directly.

The Rules

  1. Each player will be given a character to play, who will be aligned with either the Town or the Mafia. To win the game, the Town must kill off all the Mafia, while the Mafia needs to outnumber the Town. Third-Party (neutral) characters, if any, have their own win conditions as outlined in their roles.
  2. Each day you will be able to vote to lynch a player. Voting should be done in the following format; Vote: Character (Player). Similarly, unvoting is to be done in the format; Unvote: Character (Player). No other format will be accepted. A majority vote is required to lynch a player.
  3. A game day will last a maximum of 72 hours. You may not vote in the first 24 hours. The day will end when a majority vote has been reached. After the day has concluded, a night stage will commence, which will usually last a maximum of 48 hours. Night actions must be sent to the host in the first 24 hours of the night stage.
  4. The alignment of lynched players, as well as those that died during the night, will be revealed at the beginning of the next day.
  5. You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to or from you in PM with the game host. This includes all the details of your character and role, as well as any night action results. Role claims and reporting of night action results are acceptable, but in your own words only. Do not attempt to use the structure of your role PM to your advantage. Also, you may not quote PMs from other players. Paraphrasing is allowed but no direct quoting. Please refrain from quoting PMs in the game threads and in private.
  6. Do not play the game outside the thread. Similarly, do not post out of character inside the thread; you must always play the role given to you. Game tactics and roles may only be discussed in the game thread or via PM with other players. Private discussion is done at your own risk and should be treated as part of the game.
  7. If you are dead, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any of the players. Any information you had becomes void, and may not be passed on.
  8. You may not edit your posts.
  9. You must post in every day thread.
  10. If you encounter a problem or have a question, please contact the hosts via PM.
  11. Violation of the above rules will result in a vote penalty of half the required majority against you on your first offence, and the death of your character on your second offence. Violation of rule 7 will have a heavier penalty, made at the discretion of the Games Moderator.

Role PMs

All players have been sent a Role PM in the following format.

<EB Username>,

Welcome to Police Infiltration: A Mafia School Game. Information about your character and role can be found below. Please use only this PM to communicate with us about the game. No other form of communication will be acknowledged. To start off, set your avatar to the picture below (or put it in your signature), put your character’s name in your signature (don’t reveal your affiliation or role!), and confirm your participation in this thread.

Good luck and have fun!

Pandora and Rick

Your Character

<Character image>

<Character name>, <Character description>

<The extended character description that can also be found in the Confirmation and Discussion Thread goes here.>

Your Role

You are a member of the Town and are a Vanilla Townie. You have no night action. You will need to use your skills in deduction and analysis, and your wits to combat the Mafia, but don’t forget that your vote is the most powerful weapon you have.


You are a member of the Town and are the <Night Action>. You can target one player each night and <...>. Your result will be ‘Successful’ when you succeed at <...>. Your result will be ‘Unsuccessful’ when you fail at <...>.


You are a member of the Mafia and are a Goon.


You are a member of the Mafia and are the <Night Action>. You can target one player each night and <...>. Your result will be ‘Successful’ when you succeed at <...>. Your result will be ‘Unsuccessful’ when you fail at <...>.

Your Win Condition

You win when the Mafia is eliminated.


You win when the Mafia outnumbers the Town.


Non-Playing Characters


Poppy, Chief Inspector and new Chief of Police, played by Pandora


Randy, Special Agent of the KIA, played by Rick



Isaac, Janitor, played by TrumpetKing67


Jared, Beat Cop, played by Ferrik


Phil, Detective, played by Scorpiox


Samantha, Local 'Masseuse', played by DarthPotato

The Deceased


Jean, Local Bum, played by Endgame, Town, Lynched on Day 1


Gary, Bomb Disposal Officer, played by Adam, Town, Decapitated on Night 1


Andrea, Secretary to the Chief of Police, played by PsyKater, Town, Chopped to pieces on Night 1


Zachary, Forensic Officer, played by zakura, Mafia, Lynched on Day 2


Amelia, Desk Sergeant,played by TheBoyWonder, Mafia, Chopped to pieces on Night 2


Mark, Team Leader Vice Squad, played by JaseTJ, Town, Decapitated on Night 2


Henrietta, Undercover Cop, played by Masked Builder, Town, Shot (mod-killed) on Day 3


Ian, Lawyer, played by Tazmaniac, Town, Decapitated on Night 3


Adam, Motorcycle Cop, played by badboytje88, Town, Lynched on Day 4


Kendra, Beat Cop, played by Stromblessed, Town, Decapitated on Night 4


Phyllis, Beat Cop, played by Superficial Username, Mafia, Lynched on Day 5


Christine, Coffee Lady, played by konze, Town, Decapitated on Night 5

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Okay, this has reached the critical point. I'm deeply saddened to have lost Christine last night, but all is not lost. She died happy in the knowledge that she threw us a vital lifeline here, so let us make sure that we don't waste it. As soon as the time comes, those of us who are still loyal will need to put the plan into action as soon as possible, and we may just have a chance of survival here.

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Christine! :sad: She was a member of the Town, obviously, but some of us already knew this. We were right about Phyllis, which pretty much confirms my opinion of this next scum, who'll hopefully be the last one.

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Not much left to do until the voting phase, so who is up for a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors?

I call Paper!

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It's a shame to lose Christine, but now we need to get talking to find who's scum. I agree with you, Scorpiox, we need to work together and then we could survive. :sweet:

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As everyone has said, it does suck to lose Christine. I personally know who I am going to vote for, so I guess we will all have to waita few more hours for the mafia to finally be gone!!! I guess it will be pretty quiet though....

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Day Six Interlude

Randy and Poppy return to the Stationers to see how they're all getting along.


"How are we all?" asks Randy

"Having useful conversations about what's going on, and who you think we might interrogate?" asks Poppy

Nobody is saying anything. Everyone is just staring at the walls or the bars. If someone had a harmonica, they'd be playing it.


"You're not even going to comment on the fact that we're still wearing pyjamas?" asks Randy

The Stationers just turn and stare. As one, they shrug.


"Well, they seem to have made some sort of decision, somehow" says Poppy

"Well, I guess we let them get on with it and vote then" says Randy

You may now vote. With 4 players remaining, 3 votes are required for a lynch.

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Great, voting time. :sweet: Time to end this.

Vote: Jared (Ferrik)

We caught Phyllis thanks to Christine. Even though she'd dead, we can still sort of avenge her by taking out who I suspect is the last scum, and who was our second option to vote for yesterday.

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I can't imagine how boring this is for others to be watching right now, but not to worry, it'll be all over soon.

Hey Jared. Maybe you've been wondering why I haven't been answering many of your PMs or telling you anything lately? Well, that's 'cause I don't tend to like conversing with the Mafia goons. I much prefer to lynch them first, taste better that way.

Oh righty then, shall we wrap this little game up? Christine didn't die for nothing, she died so that we could be in this situation, one step away from nailing the coffin of the worst Mafia this town has ever faced. I'd like to thank everyone for sticking through this with me, we couldn't have done this without working together, and without Christine.

Merry Christmas, everyone, nighty night scumbo. Vote: Jared (Ferrik)

All that remains now is for good ol' Isaac to pop up and win this for us, so, in the meantime, who's up for a game of chess?

Pawn B3 to D3!

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I hate to do this, I never did suspect him, but thanks to Christine yesterday, I will

Vote: Jared

I am really shockedv that you were duping us. I didn't believe you were mafia at all, but Christine threw some sense into me. I feel weird voting for you but I know that it is for the best. Bye bye, final mafia!!!!!

Sorry, screwed up.,

Vote: Jared (Ferrik)

Jared, I agree with Phil's secind point. Why elhse would I not be telling you everything? Don't expect to find out what happened, tgat really did it for me. There was a reason youh weren't told these, because of what happened. R.I.P. Christine, we have avenged you!!!!

I'm not good at chess. But I do play a rockin' harmonica.

*Plays harmonica and watches Jared in silence as we all wait for the Chief to get here*

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Pop goes the Mafia goon!

Good work guys. Phil retrieves a secret stash of whisky from his jacket pocket. Been saving this one for victory.

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Final Vote Tally

Jared (Ferrik): 3 votes (DarthPotato, Scorpiox, TrumpetKing67)

A conviction has been reached. With 3 votes Jared (Ferrik) will be lynched.

Please get in your Night Actions within 24 hours of this post.

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Day Six Conclusion

As expected, Poppy and Randy return to the Stationers to hear their verdict on whom they'd like interrogated


"So, who's it to be then?" asks Poppy

"HIM!" shout three of the Stationers, pointing at Jared

"Wh.. whaaaa?" cries Jared


"You'd better come out calmly Jared" says Randy, as Poppy unlocks the cell

"This.. this doesn't make sense!" wails Jared "unless..." he scratches his chin momentarily "I knew it! You're all witches! Waaaaaagh!"

And with that Jared runs out of the cell, preferring to face Randy and Poppy.


"Just go easy on me, ok?" asks Jared

"Sure, we'll be perfectly nice" replies Randy reassuringly


"Yeah, well as nice as we can be during an interrogation" says Poppy shrugging

"Well, phew, that's a relief, I'm just glad to be out of that cell full of witches" says Jared, failing to look up



is the very last sound Jared makes.

Randy and Poppy just sigh together.

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