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The Clone Wars have devastated many worlds such as this, now there are only impressive ruins bear witness to the past history. Here, a lone Jedi is guided by the Force in his escape from the forces, once divided but now united, of clonetroopers and separatist droids.


This is my second and final entry for the Comunity Build: Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

To create this MOC, I was inspired by the Order 66, which in the galaxy has decimated the Jedi. After several discarded ideas, I decided to locate this MOC in an anonymous world but with great ruins.


The Jedi on the run.


At the end of the run, the jedi sees something: a motorized tricycle!! Maybe it can be a great help.


The imperial forces in pursuit.



My Gallery on Brickshelf (just they became public :wink: ).

C&C are always welcome and I hope you enjoy my MOC :classic: .

Thanks for reading,


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WAW, that's big for an LDD! Very nice done :thumbup:

One thing: I don't know if the Jedi is going to make it until the yellow bike :wink: .

Love the idea and way of building!

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Not bad! I like the grand scale of it and the ruins certainly look great! There's just two things that bother me: Why did the clones and droids team up, and what is a yellow tricycle doing in a Star Wars MOC? None of those things have ever been seen in Star Wars (at least not in any canon material), so they're very confusing to me. I think it would be better if you would replace the droids with more clones and the tricycle with a speederbike.

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I agree with Oky: even when order 66 was given, the Clones and droids remained enemies until the droid army was shut down at the end of the Clone Wars. Also the trike seems really out of place, a speeder of some sort would've been a more appropriate vehicle.

But i do love the setting of the scene! The ruins look absolutely awesome, i particularly like how you worked with both smooth and textured surfaces to create the appearance of past grandeur that now lies in ruins. The scale of it makes it all the more impressive, so well done on the setting Wedge09!

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Thanks to everyone for the appreciations :sweet: :sweet:

For the clone trooper with separatist droids, I took inspiration from the events immediately after Order 66; I know that isn't non-canon but has never even been said that did "not happen".

For the yellow tricycle, initially I wanted to use a simple bike but I didn't found on LDD because I want to make a contrast between a world with repulsion systems and other stuff and the simple bike or a motor tricycle. A jedi in this futuristic galaxy, found what?? a single motor tricycle. One picture, in my opinion, quite comical.

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