Vintage set value help!

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Hi i have the oppertoonity to buy all this for $50

First Its Set 112


Bricksset Link

Anyone know how much its Worth????

Now Its set 744


Brickset Link

And Last i have no idea Which its number is and nether does the seller but here it is


Another View of it.


Thanks and Please tell me if there worth much and if anyone is interested in buying it just PM as long as it's well over $50

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You can use Bricklink to check out how much sellers are asking for similar sets and what buyers are willing to pay. For instance: 112 and 744. However from the looks of it your sets are mixed so you would first need to make sure that you have all the parts.

That said, members with less than 100 posts aren't allowed to sell on EB, and therefore can't open topics in the Buy Sell Trades & Finds forum where this thread really belongs. I'm closing this.

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