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[pid][/pid] 142A

This is my first Moc post on Eurobricks, but it is certainly not my first Moc :tongue: . This is my newest ship. I built it after watching POTC At World's End, having been inspired by the Junk in the movie. I also wanted to have a try at custom hulls, something I have not tried before. They didn't come out too bad, did they? :laugh: I'm sorry for the bad quality, this was taken on an IPod.

Here is the full ship, with crew on it.


Without Crew






Stern area/poop deck


Instead of using a steering Wheel, like most ships, I thought a tiller would add more of an Asian and exotic feel, so here is my tiller. It doesn't actually move the rudder, though :sad:


Bow/Front Area


Head on shot.


Anchor. Its not the best designed, and probably not very realistic :laugh:. I could probably make it better, but I like how it comes over the front.


Stern shot and Rudder.


Here is a little bit of how I did the hulls. Not really sure how much you can get out of it, though :cry_sad: .


Front small sail.


Back Large Sail.


Finally, The Crew.


Captain First Mate Pirate


Pirate Pirate Pirate


Pirate and Ship's Monkey


And, that's it! I hope you liked it. Any and all Comments and criticism are very welcome :classic:

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Nice job! I like the shape of the boat although a bit more of a prow on the front might be a good idea. :wink: Nice pirates too!

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Very nice junk !

Good details, but as the others said, the prow is a bit short !

I like your crew :)

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! Yes, the prow probably needs a little work :sceptic:

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