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A newcomer from the UK

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Hi all!

I registered here quite recently but it was a day or two before the upgrade so my old account sort of disappeared. I only had chance to make a couple of posts, so no harm done! It's great to see this place is back up and running again.

I currently live in a small rural town the northeast of England and recently started getting back into Lego after rediscovering my collection and taking on a MOC challenge from a couple of friends. I feel that I was able to enjoy a 'golden age' with the late 80s and early 90s before adolescence and school/university took over though, so I have fond memories of the original Pirates, Blacktron, Ice Planet and so on. I'm a bit of a general geek so I have a thing for SF, history, guitar music, anime and cult movies which has rekindled my interest. Now I have my own living space and disposable income I can indulge in my nerdy hobbies, so I guess I'm not alone in being a young AFOL. I've stumbled on a few community sites such as the Brothers Brick blog and the Bricklink marketplace, and I've been amazed at how people have made some genuinely astonishing things out of something I used to think of as a toy or educational thing for kids. I lurked on here for a short while, was even more amazed at what the members have worked on and decided to register.

I have a nearly-complete MOC in the works, and since I've found where I mislaid my digital camera I'll make a thread and post some pics soon. I'm happy to answer any other questions!

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