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Beter late than never, right?

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So I just logged in after a rather long absence and noticed I hadn't introduced myself yet.

Hi, I'm Karin, 32 from the Netherlands.

I go in and out of LEGO dark ages over time. My first post-childhood experience with LEGO was in 2005 when my BF was sick and I bought him a basic box of LEGO to cheer him up, it was a little bit of a joke but we had a lot of fun with it, and I ended up playing with it more than he did. I dove into LEGO online and bought more and more sets, mostly for useable parts.

It lasted a few months, when it got pushed back by other hobbies. I had a brief revival at Christmas 2006 when a friend who worked at Maersk gave me the 10152. I made a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP2YQkX0CNg]Time lapse[/url] of the build.

Then things went back in storage again for a few years, to come back out in 2009, which is when I created an account here.

I also went to a LowLUG meeting, for which I made my very first MOCs, 4 units for the cooperative Micropolis we made. I will post the MOCs in the appropriate place soon.

I got myself the Cafe Corner days before it sold out, along with the Green Grocer. They are both still on display in my living room, along with the Maersk Sealander. I also had an idea for my own modular which is still WIP but I am still planning to finish at some point.

Two years ago the Tower Bridge came along and I just knew that I had to get it. I love London and I once celebrated New Year's on that very bridge. But apart from that set I didn't do any more building.

Now that my VIP points from the Tower Bridge were about to expire I went back into the LEGO world, bought the Fire Brigade (at a local store where I got more discount than the VIP points would reward me, bought the Big Ben architecture set instead).

Now I'm back into building mode and looking forward to thinking up some creations.

I'm particularly interested in microscale. First of, very practical reason, as I have a limited budget, bigger mocs will be more expensive and limited parts in my stash mean I will likely have to buy to complete a model. But also, I really enjoyed creating the Micropolis MOCs back in 2009 and am now very interested in the Mini Modular 'standard' as well.

I have been looking around here as well as on the internet in general and I have found that Microscale is not the most popular among MOCers. I still hope to find inspiration here (and perhaps inspire others!) in this genre.

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Welcome in Eurobricks Karin, hope you enjoy our forum :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Hello, and welcome(?) to Eurobricks!

I haven't done much in mini-scale myself, but I've seen some pretty cool MOCs from people that have.

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Welcome to Eurobricks, Karin.

Funny that you should mention Micropolis. I was just discussing with a fellow club member that I mis a community build on micro scale like Micropolis on Legoworld. I am looking forward to see your creations.

Have a look at the Micro Scale Buildings index for inspiration.

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