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Hi everyone

I am (or am quickly becoming) an AFOL. I'm 34 years old from Belgium and have played with Lego during my youth till I was 14 or so, one of my last sets was a Technic set.

Now that my son is 5 years old, he's starting to collect a few Lego sets and my interest is sparked: it's fun to build these new sets, and I found myself enjoying helping him build his sets - and secretly rebuilding them.

Obviously, a 5-year old's set is not much of a challenge, so I started searching the net for more challenging sets. I easily found the star wars UCS sets. I'm a big star wars fan, and have always wanted a decent star wars model. The fact that you get to build the Lego sets is just a bonus.

I started by buying a few kits in my local toy store (Fury class interceptor and X-wing). I think it was the same night I ordered my UCS Super star destoyer along with the Y-wing. Next up were the speeder bike (set) and TIE fighter, and a very small imperial cruiser. I also got another set on sale: a Saesee Tiin starfighter.

All this was in the course of 2 weeks.

I'm currently looking at the UCS imperial landing shuttle, UCS B-wing, and am in the process of composing the UCS Millennium Falcon from bricks, wich will probably take a while yet (Will start a thread about this one).

The rest of the wishlist:

UCS Snowspeeder


UCS Y-wing


Unfortunately, they're currently mainly bringing out kits from clone wars and/or the first 3 films. I'm mainly interested in the stuff from Ep. 4-6 - hope they'll (re-) issue some of thise kits.

I found this forum searching for MOCs and other cool mods to UCS kits: I sure did find them here! Hoping to get some useful tips & tricks from the experienced builders here.

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Welcome in Eurobricks BrickieB, hope you enjoy our forum :thumbup: :thumbup:

Star Wars Classical Trilogy forever :wink:

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You've certainly found the right place. There are so many talented builders here that you'll find plenty of inspiration. I look forward to seeing some of your MOCs in the future.

Welcome to Eurobricks.

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