Review - 6482 Rescue Helicopter.

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The year is 1989, and the Lego Classic Town theme is nearing is peak. The 6396 International Jetport and 6399 Airport Shuttle have not yet been released, but there were many outstanding sets on retail shelves that inspired and wowed young people at the time - myself included.

The 6482 Rescue Helicopter was originally part of the Classic Town Hospital theme, which also included such gems as the 6380 Emergency Treatment Center and 6356 Med-Star Rescue Plane, but was the only set in this sub-theme that boasted the 9V Light and Sound functions.

Lego had been releasing many sets across multiple themes that featured this system, which basically involved simple flashing lights and a piercing siren. Seemingly primitive compared to what is possible with todays Mindstorms and Power Functions sets, but still a very cool addition to a town layout - especially in the late 80’s.

I initially passed on this set when it was originally released (I was only 12!!), but recently picked up a lovely used set from BL, that had only been made up once and is in virtually new condition. The original price for this set (According to Brickset) was $35USD, and I got my copy for a very reasonable $67USD, including box, inserts and a very crisp set of instructions.

Onto the review and images!!!

The box - Features the Classic Town layout, with simple backgrounds and a nice clear image of the set and its play functions. I love how the minifigure is waving to the camera, while the patient also manages a pose - but why does he have no pants on??


The Box is (of course), the older 'open-flap' version, which previews a selection of pieces and displays details of the 9V features, along with an image of a very determined looking child.


The side of the box shows a play scene where the side of the helicopter opens to fit in the stretcher and patient. The pilot is also helping.


The instruction manual is a nice simple booklet, and shows the finished model, plus some alternative builds on the front cover.


This is the last page / cover of the manual, showing a rather lovely image of the patient loaded up, and the crew ready to take off.


The first page of the manual shows the warnings and details about the 9V system, and the instructions begin with the 3 minifigures and the floor of the chopper.


A few pages in, and the instructions are well on their way to revealing this glorious set! Note the simple blue and green backgrounds, no piece call outs and great use of space! So very classic!


A close up of the 9V in action! Bib Bib Bib Wiii Wiii Wiii!!!!


Right! Time for images of the parts involved in this set. First up, the 9V Light and Sound parts. The battery box, lights, siren and connector plates.


Some of the interesting parts in this set. A stretcher with fold up legs, window pieces, and some printed bricks.


The red parts... I love those angled hull pieces!


The gray parts - note the different wheel types. 2 single axle, 2 twin axle.


The black parts. Those 'rocket' pieces were a vital staple in any lego collection!!!


Yellow parts. The hinges were a valuable addition to any lego collection!


The white parts were definitely the major colour of the set, and included a good collection of plates, slopes, windows and a few fancy parts.


Onto the build itself. Firstly, we start with the minifigures - 3 are included in this set - A pilot, a crew member, and the pant-less patient.


The helicopter starts with a simple floor plan, but unlike most other aircraft in the Lego Classic Town, it does not have the boat hull pieces for a curved bottom. More on this later....


A few more parts, and we see the landing gear structure and the rear door hinges go on.


Next up, some windows, smooth tiles for the opening door and some white plates start the wall sections.


Computers and landing gear covers up next, along with the rear section starting to take shape.


The next step is a major one!!! The battery box is installed, along with windows and slope bricks to create the majority of the interior.


Lovely - time for some yellow and red trim!


Time to turn the chopper over, and add the turntables for the rear wheels, and 2x2 fixed plates for the fronts.


Aha!!! There are those hull pieces!!!


The set is flipped back over, and the engine details and rear roof section are added.


Time for a small sub-model, the hinged roof and windows.


This is then added on, along with the lights and canopy.


The rear engines are beefed up...


As too is the front engine - including the siren!


The rotors are added on, and the set is complete!!!


A nice interior shot of the Helicopter, showing a great place for the medics to put their bag, and access to the Light and Sound switch - super cool!


Here we have the crewman loading the stretcher in the back of the Helicopter.


And he fits in nicely!!!


I love how the handles of the stretcher slot in past the computer, keeping our patient nice and secure during flight.


And the crew member can now monitor his vital signs, and have a chat.


A top view of the set, all closed up and ready for take off!


Rear view, showing the closed stretcher doors and engine detail.


Here is our Helicopter at the Victory Speedway, attending a crash of car # 1. Looks like he has no pants on again!!


Summary. This set was great fun to build and take photos of - It just epitomizes the Classic Town series so well - everything from the limited colour palette, the no nonsense instructions and cool flip lid box. I will be displaying this set with my airport, but as you can see from my final image, it fits in very well with the other subthemes of that era too.

Im not going to give rankings or scores, as we all know they are very subjective, but I will give it a huge thumbs up, and recommend any Classic Town fan to add it to their collection!

Oh - And coming up soon, Ill be building and reviewing 6541 Intercoastal Seaport and 6375 Trans-Air carrier!

Edit - - - Oh no! thats very embarrassing - I've put the wrong set # on the topic! Can an admin please fix that! :blush:

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Neat review harmacy! I've been wanting one of these for a while. I really like that last pic of the race track. Do you have a link to your layout? :classic:

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One of my all-time favorite sets! Also one of the first sets I can remember building. I still have the battery box, siren and lights working but they have severely been "loved" since 1989 by me and my 2 younger brothers. So nice to be able to see it in this condition! For train people, I use the lights from this set on top of a 9V train motor under my 7722 locomotive to light my firebox! When the train is powered the lights glow, when it reverses the lights inside flash.

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I've got one of those battery boxes with that number on in my childhood lego, so I guess I must have had this set ast one time.

It looks nice, perhaps I can reconstruct mine too.

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