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YouTube Finds: LEGO Avengers Brick Flicks

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It was just another boring day with me killing time browsing YouTube videos when I chanced upon a couple of funny and awesomely-done LEGO Avengers Brick Flicks.

First one is this video by forrestfire101 (Forrest Fire Films), who has has gained internet fame through his highly-successful viral video

(owner of an astounding 107 million views!). I was quite surprised he has also done several Brick Films (he seems to be an FOL too!).

by forrestfire101 (Forrest Fire Films)

Next one is from Keshen8 (Custard Productions), who I believe is a friend of forrestfire101.

by Keshen8 (Custard Productions)

I'm sharing these since I really find these very entertaining to watch and at the same time the technical quality of these brick flicks is something to admire and learn from especially for aspiring brickfilmers. Do try to visit their YouTube channels and watch the other Brick Flicks that they've done - it's always good to support excellent Brickfilmers like them who've positively contributed to the FOL community. :blush:



Enjoy! :classic:

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