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Best and Worst of Ninjago?

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OK to sort of play off someof the "worst set evah!" threads in a few other forums. With the final wave of Ninjago revealed, as we say farewell we can look back and ask. What were the best and worst sets of the theme? Is anything worth adding to the lists of all time Lego classics or failures?

My take on the Best is probably an easy one.

2507 The Fire Temple. Just a perfectly designed set with something for everybody, from the young Ninjago fan to the more display minded AFOL. It has appeal to Historic or Castle modelers City or Architecture modelers. Ninja fans, Dragon fans and the normal expected Ninjago story fans. A great selection of minifigs including a few of the rarer ones. That gorgeous and colorful Fire Dragon. The wonderful little Asian themed side bridges with the blooming cherry trees and the Temple itself. A spectacular display piece of Asian themed styling. Friends that visit are taken aback when they realize it is actually Lego on my shelf. Perfect colors. perfect styling, and unless you bought the thing at TRU pricing, a not unreasonable price. PLEASE LEGO MORE SETS LIKE THIS! :cry_happy: :cry_happy: :cry_happy::wub_drool::grin_wub:

Worst is probably a near tie between these two for me. 2520 Ninja Battle Arena

A truly glaring mashup of wildly clashing styles. I understand the effect they were going for, and the play features. And they failed at every step. The set looks like it was designed by a color blind schizophrenic just as the meds kick in... or out, whichever it's kinda obvious the neighbors dog was starting to talk to him as he built it. Even the fig selection is kinda bipolar. You've got the great Cole DX plus some random unremarkable Skellie thug? About the only reasonable positive to the set? At least it came with 2 spinners. :enough:

A near runner up would be it's "season 2" cousin Spinner Battle Arena. Not quite as bad simply because there is a lot less to it, so the shear ugliness isn't as immediately glaring. Some technic bars to do spinner battles in with a pair of truly horrid 'Hungry Hungry Hippo's" heads. This probably ranks as one of teh most disappointing things to find beneath the tree Christmas morning. "Oh Boy Ninjago!... oh...". What makes this one truly obscene is they want $50 usd for this one. :sick::pir-angry::pir-cry_sad:

So what's everybody else's take on the theme as we bid it adieu?

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My favorite is probably the Ultra Sonic Raider. Just a ridiculous amount of wow, with a little room left for show-MODs.

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