REVIEW: 6235 - Buried Treasure (from a MISB set)

6235 Buried Treasure  

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Welcome to my sixth review on Eurobricks! On my way to review every old Pirates set that I buy new (full story on my 6247 - Bounty Boat review), I've chosen what I consider to be the first Lego Pirates set ever (as it has the smallest set number among the first wave) and one of the two impulse sets (the other one being 6245 - Harbor Sentry). Its name is Buried Treasure, which is one of the most iconic scene for any Pirate stuff. Is this treasure a real jewel, or should have it been kept buried?

Product Details

Set No: 6235

Set Name: Buried Treasure (USA) - Bo'sun Will with pirate treasure (UK) - Le trésor du pirate (France) - Pirat mit Schatztruhe (Germany) - De Schatbewakers (Netherlands)

Theme: Pirates

Released: 1989-1991

Minifigures: 1

Pieces: 16

RRP: $3,25

Purchase Price: $17 new on eBay




As with all first wave Pirates sets, we have a classic yellow box. The picture shows a pirate, a monkey and the treasure which seems to have just been dug out.



Here we have our classics alternate models. You can see closer pictures in the next chapter, and built models in the last chapter.



An alternate setup of the main model.

~Alternate models~

Alternate model 1


Alternate model 2


Alternate model 3


As with other impulse sets, it's hard to make alternate models out of such a small part count. However I really like them, especially the first and third models, which depict nice scenes.

~Box opening~


Yo-ho-ho! Every remaining MISB Buried Treasure now has gone up in value! :jollyroger:

Inside the box


One loose plate, one plastic bag, and the folded instructions. Unlike any other Pirates set I've reviewed, it didn't come with a promotional catalog or flyer.



A single two-face sheet, with only five steps. Any skilled builder shouldn't have too much problem :pir-tongue:

~Parts and minifigure~

Part layout


There's not many interesting parts here. However it's always nice to get a monkey, and we never have too much gold pieces!



It is the most common Pirates minifigure after Captain Redbeard. I shot his back, but at this time they wasn't being printed. I have a nostalgic feeling looking at it, as it brings back so much good memories!

~The build~

After step 3


The whole structure is built here, as you can see it's not very elaborated without the accessories.

~The finished models~

Main model


With the accessories added, it really becomes a lovely scene. At this time, the shining metal gold made its first appearance and looked way better than the yellow round 1x1 plates that came in Castle sets.

Alternate model 1


I love it, it's a clever use of parts to make something different. The monkey seems nice here.

Alternate model 2



I don't quite get why the treasure's lid is put like that. It's the weakest alternate model in my humble opinion. The monkey is holding a sword this time.

Alternate model 3



Again, we have a clever setup by remonving the pirate legs. However the chest looks really deep that way :pir-oh3: . Meanwhile, the monkey keeps getting nastier, with a cutlass AND a pistol. The pirate should really be careful...

~Final thoughts~

Design: 7/10 - It's hard to rate impulse sets. This one is average, with a really small sand and rock structure. What makes the set good is all those accessories which come along.

Parts: 8/10 - Several useful accessories, a monkey, and gold! However I think it's lacking a treasure map.

Minifig: 6/10 - Back in 1989, it was a good way to start getting pirates minifigures, but today, it really is a common minifigure.

Build: -/10 - Built under one minute, so there is nothing much to say.

Playability: 6/10 - Having a bluecoat instead of the monkey would have make it more playable. Why not include a treasure map?

Alternate models: 9/10 - A clever use of parts, and actually I think the first one looks better than the main model.

Price: 10/10 - $3,25 for all those parts was a pretty good deal. Today it can be found for ~$4, which is still a great deal for Pirates lovers.

Conclusion: 6/10 - A good impulse set, and a nice way to start a Pirates collection. As a standalone though it's not a must-have.

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A nice review from a good little set.

I got this set too when It was still in shops and it has some nice pieces and figs for pirate add-on

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Ahh, your pirate reviews are such a joy to read. This makes me want to bit up ebay or Bricklink and get some sealed sets.

This really brings me back to my childhood.

Fantastic review.

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My mum put this on top of my birthday cake when I turned 5. Classic set.

You are lucky finding all these old MISB ebay deals. I can never find any.

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This was the set that started it all for me!

If the LEGO Group had not released 6235 Buried Treasure there might not be a or LEGO Pirates Forum.

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