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Wel time to introduce to you the last building in my town (for now, there will be more).

If you want to learn some skills, you can either begin with some easy ones, or you can try to tackle a realy tough one. I tried to doe the last. As a novice builder of Modular Buildings i saw Jasper Joppe Geers lovely Elladora's Sweet Shop on this forum. I was swept away by the skills used in this building. The outside and the inside were (are) real masterpieces in my eyes. I studied the pictures Jasper made very carefully and one by one things began to fell in it's place. I started to copy this, but decided to change te colors. The dark purple Jaser used was very hard to come by and very expensive. Red i had in plenty, so the choise was quickly made.

of all my builds, MOD and MOC, this one was te hardest and too the longest. This is the only building i didn't change all that much, just the inside of the second and third floor, plus the roof part.

Here is the result front and back


I changed the street scene.Made it a little more compatteble for my town. (the lampposts an trees are not shown. The are situated on the roadplates in front and on the side of the building. As shown in my introduction te Bricksterdam)




All parts side by side


The gound floor i left almost the same, including the interior. The were simply perfect.







The outside of the second floor was left almost unchanged, but the interior was completely overhauled.






With the third floor i did the same, but here the are some more changes on the outside.








The roofpart i changed the most.


It was great recreating Jaspers building. It fits beatifuly in my town. I learned so much. Thanks for the inspiration. Many of you here on this Forum have ben an inspiration to me and thanks to you all i can now create My Own Creations. KEEP ON INSPIRING US BEGINNERS, PLEASE.

Jasper, i hope you like the way i recreated your building and the changes i made.

Of course are all your comments welcome.

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The red and the detailing really set this off 'TDG', please do not take too long from adding more great structures to your layout.....perhaps you can take inspiration and create your own in a purist form. :classic:

Brick On 'TDG' ! :classic:

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Thanks for showing us. It is a very detailed and large build!

My favorite part is the roofing with the corner angled area. How was that done?

My least favorite part is the varied use of color. It doesn't seem to mesh well together and seems to really stand out, which maybe is what you were going for. I don't think I've seen the original creation either.

But keep up the good work! Can't wait to see more.

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Nice work :thumbup: :thumbup:

I like a lot the interior of the ground floor :wink: :wink:

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Great job, the roof especially looks nice and also the second floor!

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