What does this piece bolt to ?

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I am making a vehicle using the large motorcycle wheel in LDD and this piece bolts to the wheel itself with the 3 Spokes, but I can't figure out the other end mount piece.

Can anyone help me? I am attaching a file with the piece. LDD Manager calls the piece Technic, Steering Portal Axle, Hub I attached it to a wheel for reference (the blue piece) I cant find the block to attach the other end.


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Type "gearblock" or "92908" into LDD's search, and the other piece should show up.

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Thank You everyone for the help after sorting through parts for a hour and I was getting nowhere.

I hate asking what probably seems like stupid questions ( I.R.L Lego I'm not a newb lol ) I do have another question that i've been working on for 2 hours. How does someone make a looped chain go around the the gears ? I realize that like the piston and cylinder they have not reference connection point, but I have aligned the gears and the teeth but can't get them to mesh andhte flex tool wont flex a chain.

I have included a file with the Links and the gears im using.

Again Thank you all


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Maybe you could make a template, similar to what Aanchir did for these parts:

Consider the "Sprocket Wheel Template" listed at the bottom of this Eurobricks LDD Reference post. :thumbup: Aanchir posted this LXF File and wrote,

"Sprocket wheels are another hassle on LEGO Digital Designer (obviously, because they are based on clip-and-bar-axles). This file intends to help you make this technique more manageable. There are three parts to this: a tool in Spring Yellowish Green for building a chain of treads, a pre-made chain of treads, and two "loops" of treads around the two styles of sprocket wheel.

"To use the tool, simply place a tread piece or a pre-made length of treads on the part of the tool angled horizontally. Add an additional tread piece to the vertical part, then use the "hinge" tool to connect these two sections. You can then copy the length of tread, move the tool to its original position, and continue expanding the chain as long as you need.

"The loops and pre-existing length of chain are meant to help you incorporate these treads into a MOC or set. Although LEGO Digital Designer does not recognize connections between the treads and the sprocket wheels themselves, you can use these loops as a "starting point" for aligning your treads. Just delete portions of the loops and place a chain of treads in their place to create a larger loop between multiple sprocket wheels. Note that this template is not able to compensate for sets or MOCs where the loop will not be "taut"-- this is a problem I may not be able to deal with at this time."


Here is additional information that Aanchir put on his Brickshelf gallery:

"Hi! I'm Aanchir, and I created this template.

"This template is for building models on LDD that require part 57520 (the small sprocket wheel) and part 57518 (the tread).

"To use this template:

1) Download the file

2) Remove one or more of the tread pieces that surround the sprocket wheel so that it's no longer a complete loop.

I recommend removing one of the 60-degree tread pieces so there's a horizontal tread to connect to.

3) Connect as much extra tread as you need.

A chain of horizontally-placed treads is provided for you to use or copy.


Clips on LDD do not like to center correctly!

There will usually be a left or right offset, which can do a lot of harm if all of your clips are offset in the same direction.

The chain of tread pieces may not be lined up at both ends!

To avoid this, use the green alignment tool included in the file.

Place new tread pieces on every other pin, then place tread pieces on the pins in-between.

The alignment tool is entirely in green so you can use the "color select" tool to select all its parts at once.

If you need to use green parts in your actual model, feel free to select the tool and change its color to something a color you will not be using.

4) Once you have the length of tread you need, you will need it to wrap it around the other wheels of your model.

ALWAYS use the hinge tool to ensure the tread is wrapped snugly around each wheel.

It may help to paint the treads TRANSPARENT so you can see how they align in the grooves.

5) Some sets and MOCs will have some "sag room" on their treads, or will have wheels that have to be rotated to align properly.

I am not yet equipped to deal with either problem, but perhaps you will find your own solution.

If the alignment goes smoothly, the last hinge rotation will make your length of tread link back up at the ends.

Congratulations! You're done!

I hope this template proves useful."

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When working with chains in LDD you have to rotate each segment of the carve independently so it makes your carve.I have made the a loop using most of the chain you had laid out. :classic:

If you find it too short or too long you should add/replace segments of tread from the middle.


Download File

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