NYCC 2012: The LEGO Booth

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Hi all! DarkDragon reporting from the 2012 New York Comic Convention


Since we've all seen some wonderful images of the new sets and the exclusive TMNT minifig, I thought I'd show you some photos of the actual booth.

The LEGO booth was huge and impressive. The first thing you see walking toward the familiar red cube is this giant screen showing LEGO animations and commercials. There was some really fun stuff going on there and I caught a few people just standing and watching the cartoons (especially the ice skating Star Wars figs :laugh: )



As with most LEGO events, they had a cool mosaic going on. Everyone could help by building an 8x8 section (or two, or three...). Then they would hammer *oh2* it into place (or take it apart if it was wrong).




Throughout the booth there were building areas where you could stand and build all day if you wanted to! One guy built a cool small yellow castle. Not sure how he found so many yellow parts! I had trouble just building a blue brick. :laugh: There was even a Duplo area for the really little kids.



Lots of great sculptures thought the booth too. My favorites are this big Superheroes "poster" and the Darth Maul with light up lightsaber.



There was a small store too. It didn't have much selection (though that didn't stop me from buying), but the cool thing was the display windows showing off the new sets and all the way around both sides and the back was more building area!




That's all folks! DarkDragon signing off.

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Great coverage! It almost feels like I was there! I like the TMNT mosaic. Was there any set reveals you got pictures of?

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Thanks for sharing, DarkDragon. This is probably the closest I'll ever get to going to a NYCC ... or any major LEGO convention in the US. So, I am living vicariously through those who are lucky enough to attend.

I saw that EuroBricks sign on flickr and wondered what that was all about. It makes a lot more sense now.

The Superheroes "poster" looks like a 3D mosaic. Very nice!

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Thanks DarkDragon! I certainly won't be getting to NYCC any time soon :cry_sad: so I really appreciated this. Maybe some day, some year, though.

I love the mosaics and sculptures. :thumbup:

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Thank you for sharing.

I like your Darth Maul shot. Your shutter speed makes that girl looks like she was photoshopped into the dangerous path of his light sabre. :laugh:

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