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Well, here we are. This is my latest truck, and I call it, due to the color, the Pumpkinator.


All eight wheels are driven, and the front four steer. Drive is via one XL motor, geared down roughly nine to one. The axles are loosley inspired by a design from Zblj, and are very tough, except for the third axle, which has grinding gears. Suspension travel is not a whole lot, but it does the job, and is fairly compact.

This truck is actually a project I was making for school, and was originally going to be an Oshkosh PLS truck, although this did not pan out due to time constraints. I built this thing in only 6 hours!

Anyway, I got a good grade, which was a good thing :laugh: .

I may or may not make instructions, and a video. Would anybody want either of those?

Anyway, on to the pictures, and some additional details.



The side views, showing the roll cage (made out of 32l axles), the suboptimal location of the battery boxes, and the spare tires.


The underside view, showing the drive axles, the drive motor, and the suspension setup, which is 4 link.


A closeup of the rear 2 axles, showing the mechanics. The connection to the third axle is rather weak, and the gearing skips. However, it only does this on extreme slopes.


The front axles. This was the hardest part to make.


The steering motor. The cabin has no interior, as it was literally an eleventh hour addition.


The connection from the front motor to the steering axle. The steering clutch sometimes balks, so that's goin to be redesigned.


The top of the suspension, which is mostly identical for all axles.


Front view with the lights on.


Rear view with the lights on.


The very front, but it's not actually based on any Mercedes...


Suspension travel.


Upper limits.

Enjoy, and keep on building!

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Nice work. Very effective and simple. I'm looking forward to your video. Good idea to use the motorcycle wheels, as they are cheap to buy. On a side note, it looks like your steering setup has a lot of play in it, due to the various pin/axle connectors between the hub and the gear rack. I may be mistaking though.

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