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Hello again!

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Hi all,

After the problem of last week I will re-introduce me now. I'm Elliot Vermaas and I'm 15 years old. As you will soon realise, my English is not so good but I will do my best. I live in Brussels and I'm following the discuttions on the forum for a cupple of years. In the beginning of 2005 I brought myself my first LSW box: the 7261 Clone Turbo Tank, in my oppinion the best box to start with. I continied to collect LSW untill today, I want to have every box and minifig and I'm getting close to complete that challenge. I love MOC building, I'm making an MOC of the battle of Hoth (5m20 on 1m20) and an MOC of the battle of Endor (smaller size). I have also some idea's for Mos Eiley. As you can see I'm quite a fan of the original trioligy of Star Wars, I'm actualy a super fan of the Empire. I never liked the Rebellion, but I respect of corse the people they do. You will only find me on the Star Wars forum.

It is nice to join at last to this wonderfull forum and I hope I'm welcome,

in the mean time remember, the force will be with you. Always.

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Welcome again in Eurobricks Empire911 :classic: :classic:

I I can not wait to see your Star Wars MOC :wink: :wink:

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