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The Dutch Guy

My Brown Cafe an MOD from a other Modular building

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After i found the Modulars from Lego an saw the great MOC´s that were made in this area, i wanted to try and work on my skils in building these houses. I saw a building made by i think Marcos Bessa. I was a Pizza Restaurant, but wasn´t 32x32. It was somewhat smaller. I enlarged it with a door and a stair to the next floor, in the back i included a kitchen. The result was as follows.


the back side of the building.


I loved the idea of making it a Brown Cafe.By that time i was already playing with the idea of making an Modular City Corner.






Not so much details there yet, Both other floors are still without interior, only a fireplace.


To enlarge this floor i put in an extra window and remodeled the balcony.


The attic


And the roof part


What attracted me to this building was the details on the front side of the building and the use of light gray brick. I had u ton of these bricks en could make the to good use there. The result was very pleasing to me and i hope you will like it to. Along the way i will include an enterior on both upper floors. Perhaps i will try and make seperate rooms, as is the fashion in these kind of buildings these days. One must follow good developments.

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Nice work :thumbup: :thumbup:

I like a lot the small bar with file of colored bottles :wink: :wink:

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