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The Dutch Guy

My version of Sonicstarlights Medevil Market Pub

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I have always admired 'Sonicstarlight's' Medevil Market Pub. A lot of people did the same and the topic kept popping up. I asked him if i could reproduce his buildinng for my own town and he didn't mind and even offered help. The one thing he asked was, that i showed him te finished building. Well.... It isn't finished yet, but ready for publicing. I only have to include an interior to the top floor,

Well, here is the front of the building. I chose to use different color windows.


I now see that a poor boy fell down in front of the entrence, and there is no one to help him. Maybe i am in need for a hospital in my town.

Here is the back of the building


A closer look as the front. This is a part of my Rathaustrasse in Bricksterdam. This building will be placed next to my Sushi Bar.


The entrence to the bar in close-up


And the entrance to the gentelmans club on the first floor

Hé, Someone did pick up the little boy. Hope he isn't hurt.


The inside of the bar. A lot of people there. I kept Sonicstarlights Jukebox, because i think it was a masterpiece.




The Second floor, a Gentleman's Club, with Pooltable and Soccertable. (I didn't catch Sonicstarlights Soccertable, but content wit the result though)




The third floor is not finished yet on the inside. I have had until this moment no idea what to put into it. Has anyone an suggestion for me?


This is all i have on the inside at this moment


On the roof i made a few alterations. I saw the golden trident and wanted to use it, this is the result.


Next to this building will also be one of Sonicstarlights buildings, the Butchershop. This is how far i have come with it.


I hope you will like my effort and as always, i am open for suggestions en remarks from all of you. Thanks people, for the source of inspiration you all are. I love this Forum.

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What a pub and that games area......totally AWESOME 'TDG'.....keep them coming and Brick On ! :moar:

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Excellent build! The facade looks great, I especially like the numerous windows :thumbup:

Superb interiors as well, the foosball (soccer table) is the first I've seen made of LEGO :classic:

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Very good work :thumbup: :thumbup:

I love billiards and foosball :wub_drool: :wub_drool:

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Wow! I am so flattered right now! :blush:

You've certainly done your homework on this. The detailing is spot on, and I have to admit that you did a better job laying out the pub than I did. The jukebox and foosball table turned out great too, as did the trident topper for the tower.

The butcher is really looking the part, too. Again, this is a huge compliment (and ego boost) for me. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

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That's a nice reproduction. It's nice to see that you changed the interior so that it wasn't an exact copy. The interior looks excellent so far, and I'm sure when you finish the top floor furnishings, it will look even better. :thumbup:

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