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2013 City Sets

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Warning all pictures link to HR versions which can be up to +6000.pxl

60000 Fire Motorcycle S@H

40 pcs. US$ $6.99, $8.99 CDN, DE 5,99 €,UK £4.99

Race to the scene of the LEGO® City fire on the Fire Motorcycle!

Hurry! A recycling container is on fire in LEGO® City! Help the firefighter get to the scene

fast on his speedy Fire Motorcycle. Then use his fire extinguisher to stop the blaze from

getting out of control! Includes a firefighter minifigure with fire extinguisher. Includes

firefighter minifigure with fire extinguisher.


b_60000_box_side_200.jpg c_60000_detail_1_200.jpg d_60000_detail_2_200.jpg e_60000_detail_3_200.jpg f_60000_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60000_detail_5_200.jpg h_60000_detail_6_200.jpg m__60000_minifigure_1_200.jpg n_60000_minifigure_2_200.jpg o_60000_minifigure_3_200.jpg


60001 Fire Chief Car S@H

80 pcs. US$ $11.99, $14.99 CDN, DE 9,99 €,UK £7.99

Race to the rescue in the Fire Chief's Car!

Help save the day! When the cat gets stuck in the buildable tree, rush the fire chief to the

scene in his cool Fire Chief Car to lure the cat down with a tasty fish. The fire chief is always

ready to help the people of LEGO® City! Includes 2 minifigures: fire chief and a cat owner

with assorted accessories.


b_60001_box_side_200.jpg c_60001_detail_1_200.jpg d_60001_detail_2_200.jpge_60001_detail_3_200.jpg f_60001_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60001_detail_5_200.jpg h_60001_detail_6_200.jpg i_60001_detail_7_200.jpg m_60001_minifigure_200.jpg n_60001_minifigure_2_200.jpg

o_60001_minifigure_3_200.jpg s_60001_scene_1_200.jpg

60002 Fire Truck S@H

209 pcs. US$ $19.99, $24.99 CDN, DE 19,99 €,UK £14.99

Put out the biggest blazes with the amazing LEGO® City Fire Truck!

Get to your action stations! There's a fire in LEGO® City and the firefighters need to rush

to the scene in their amazing Fire Truck! Connect the hose, extend the ladder and suit up

in firefighting gear. Then it's time to grab an axe, climb the ladder and extinguish that fire!

Includes 2 firefighter minifigures with assorted accessories.


b_60002_box_side_200.jpg c_60002_detail_1_200.jpg d_60002_detail_2_200.jpg e_60002_detail_3_200.jpg f_60002_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60002_detail_5_200.jpg h_60002_detail_6_200.jpg m_60002_minifigures_200.jpg n_60002_minifigure_200.jpg o_60002_minifigure_2_200.jpg


60003 Fire Emergency S@H

301 pcs. US$ $39.99, $49.99 CDN, DE 29,99 €,UK £24.99

Put out the flames in a Fire Emergency!

HELP! An abandoned house is on fire and only the LEGO® City firefighters can save the day!

Jump out of the fire truck and extend the ladder to reach the charred roof and flame elements!

Put out the fire from above, then cut through the door with the powerful saw to douse the flames

with the fire extinguisher. Retract the flames to show a job well done. These firefighters are

always ready for action! Includes 3 firefighters with assorted accessories.


b_60003_box_side_200.jpg b_60003_box_side_2_200.jpg c_60003_detail_1_200.jpg d_60003_detail_2_200.jpg e_60003_detail_3_200.jpg

f_60003_detail_4_200.jpg g_60003_detail_5_200.jpg h_60003_detail_6_200.jpg i_60003_detail_7_200.jpg j_60003_detail_8_200.jpg

k_60003_detail_9_200.jpg l_60003_detail_10_200.jpg m_60003_detail_11_200.jpg l2_60003_detail_200.jpg l1_60003_detail_200.jpg

m_60003_minifigures_200.jpg n_60003_minifigure_1_200.jpg o_60003_minifigure_2_200.jpg p_60003_minifigure_3_200.jpg s_60003_scene_1_200.jpg

60004 Fire Station S@H

753 pcs. US$ $99.99, $129.99 CDN, DE 79,99 €,UK £69.99

Prepare to save the day at the LEGO® City Fire Station!

It's a peaceful day in the 3-story LEGO® City Fire Station. The fire chief sips his coffee

in his office while a firefighter repairs the truck and another takes a well-earned nap.

Spring into action when the alarm bell rings! Slide the firefighters down the pole, load

them into the fire truck, van and helicopter to save the day in LEGO City! There's tons

of fun to be had in this massive building set with 3 vehicles, big, transparent windows

and 2 retracting garage doors. Includes 5 minifigures: a fire chief, pilot, and 3 firefighters

with assorted accessories.


b_60004_box_side_200.jpg c_60004_detail_1_200.jpg d_60004_detail_2_200.jpg e_60004_detail_3_200.jpg f_60004_detail_4_200.jpg

g1_60004_detail_200.jpg g2_60004_detail_200.jpg g_60004_detail_5_200.jpg h_60004_detail_6_200.jpg i_60004_detail_7_200.jpg

j_60004_detail_8_200.jpgk_60004_detail_9_200.jpg l_60004_detail_10_200.jpg m_60004_minifigures_200.jpg n_60004_minifigure_1_200.jpg

o_60004_minifigure_2_200.jpgp_60004_minifigure_3_200.jpg s_60004_scene_1_200.jpg

60005 Fire Boat S@H

222 pcs. US$ $29.99, $39.99 CDN, DE 29,99 €,UK £24.99

Patrol the LEGO® City waters in the sleek Fire Boat!

Patrol the LEGO® City harbor in the sleek Fire Boat! When the firefighters spot a race

boat on fire, rescue the drivers with the life buoy and put out the blaze with the powerful

water cannon! Be ready for all kinds of daring water rescues with life jackets, walkie-talkie,

2 fire extinguishers and more. The LEGO® City firefighters are always ready to save the

day on the land or sea! Includes 4 minifigures: 2 firefighters and 2 race boat drivers

with assorted accessories.


b_60005_box_side_200.jpg c_60005_detail_1_200.jpg d_60005_detail_2_200.jpg e_60005_detail_3_200.jpg f_60005_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60005_detail_5_200.jpg h_60005_detail_6_200.jpg m_60005_minifigures_200.jpg n_60005_minifigure_200.jpg s_60005_scene_1_200.jpg

60006 Police ATV S@H

51 pcs. US$ $6.99, $8.99 CDN, DE 5,99 €,UK £4.99

Stop the diamond thief with the LEGO® City Police ATV!

The burglar has loaded a stash of stolen diamonds onto his wheel-barrow and is getting away!

Help the Elite Police officer to catch him on his speedy Police ATV! Retrieve the diamonds

and handcuff that crook to restore peace and order to LEGO® City once again! Includes 2

minifigures: an Elite Police officer and a burglar with assorted accessories.


b_60006_box_side_200.jpg c_60006_detail_1_200.jpg d_60006_detail_2_200.jpg e_60006_detail_3_200.jpg f_60006_detail_4_200.jpg

m_60006_minifigures_1_200.jpg n_60006_minifigures_2_200.jpg o_60006_minifigure_3_200.jpg s_60006_scene_1_200.jpg

60007 High Speed Chase S@H

284 pcs. US$ $29.99, $39.99 CDN, DE 29,99 €,UK £19.99

Pursue the speeding villain with Chase McCain™!

Start a High Speed Chase through the streets of LEGO® City when the burglar escapes

in his super fast sports car! He won't get far with the stolen cash when Chase McCain™

is on duty! Chase him with the Elite Police vehicle and Elite Police motorcycle! Then take

a shortcut to block the road with a tire-shredding spike strip that will send the speeding

villain spinning out of control. Includes unique code to unlock special missions and vehicles

in the LEGO City Undercover video game. Includes 3 minifigures: Chase McCain, a burglar

and an Elite Police rider with handcuffs.


b_60007_box_side_200.jpg c_60007_detail_1_200.jpg d_60007_detail_2_200.jpg e_60007_detail_3_200.jpg f_60007_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60007_detail_5_200.jpg h_60007_detail_6_200.jpg i_60007_detail_7_200.jpg j_60007_detail_8_200.jpg k_60007_detail_9_200.jpg

l2_60007_detail_200.jpg l_60007_detail_10_200.jpg m_60007_chaise_mccain_200.jpg n_60007_chaise_mccain_2_200.jpg o_60007_minifigures_200.jpg


60008 Museum Break-in S@H

563 pcs. US$ $69.99, $89.99 CDN, DE 59,99 €,UK £49.99

Stop the burglars at the LEGO® City museum!

In a daring midnight raid, the burglars are breaking into the LEGO® City museum through

the rooftop window. Before they can escape with the valuable treasures, they trip the laser

beam. Don't let them use the rope to make a rooftop escape! Keep a close eye on them with

the Elite Police helicopter's LEGO® light brick spotlight until the Elite Police van arrives to

make the arrest! Lock up the pesky burglars and take the treasures back before they

escape in the getaway van! Includes 6 minifigures: 2 burglars, and an Elite Police pilot,

driver and 2 Elite Police officers with assorted accessories.


b_60008_box_side_200.jpg c_60008_detail_1_200.jpg d_60008_detail_2_200.jpg e_60008_detail_3_200.jpg f_60008_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60008_detail_5_200.jpg h_60008_detail_6_200.jpg i_60008_detail_7_200.jpg j_60008_detail_8_200.jpg j1_60008_detail_200.jpg

k_60008_detail_9_200.jpg l_60008_detail_10_200.jpg m_60008_minifigures_200.jpg n_60008_minifigures_2_200.jpg o_60008_minifigure_3_200.jpg


60009 Helicopter Arrest S@H

352 pcs. US$ $49.99, $59.99 CDN, DE 49,99 €,UK £39.99

Raid the burglars' hideout with the Elite Police Helicopter!

Find the burglars' secret hideout with the Elite Police Helicopter! Use the spinning rotors

to swoop in and surprise them! If the crafty criminals escape through the trapdoor, they'll

speed away with the loot in their fast car and powerful speedboat. Chase them with the

Helicopter and lower the Elite Police down with the rescue rope! Includes 5 minifigures:

2 burglars, Elite Police pilot and 2 Elite Police officers, all with assorted accessories.


b_60009_box_side_200.jpg c_60009_detail_1_200.jpg d_60009_detail_2_200.jpg e_60009_detail_3_200.jpg f_60009_detail_4_200.jpg


60010 Fire Helicopter S@H (Side note, There where two versions of this set)

225 pcs. US$ $39.99, $49.99 CDN, DE 34,99 €,UK £29.99

Fight the factory fire with the LEGO® City Fire Helicopter!

The factory is ablaze! Fly the LEGO® City Fire Helicopter in to bring it under control! Hover

into position and lower the brave firefighter down with the LEGO Power Functions winch.

Put out the flames with the onboard water cannon before the whole factory goes up in smoke!

The LEGO City firefighters are always ready to save the day! Includes 2 minifigures: a pilot

and a firefighter with fire extinguisher.

(Version 1 discontinued )


b_60010_box_side_200.jpg c_60010_detail_1_200.jpg d_60010_detail_2_200.jpg e_60010_detail_3_200.jpg f_60010_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60010_detail_5_200.jpg h_60010_detail_6_200.jpg m_60010_minifigures_200.jpg n_60010_minifigure_1_200.jpg

(Version 2)

c1_60010_detail_1_200.jpg d2_60012_detail_2_200.jpg

60011 Surfer Rescue S@H

32 pcs. US$ $6.99, $8.99 CDN, DE 5,99 €,UK £4.99

Rescue the surfer from the shark!

Help! There’s a shark coming close to shore and the surfer doesn’t see it. Speed to the rescue

on the Coast Guard watercraft and throw him the life preserver. Get the surfer aboard before

the shark gets too close! Includes 2 minifigures with accessories: Coast Guard rescuer and a surfer.


b_60011_box_side_200.jpg c_60011_detail_1_200.jpg d_60011_detail_2_200.jpg m_60011_minifigure_1_200.jpg n_60011_minifugure_2_200.jpg

60012 Diving Boat S@H

128 pcs. US$ $19.99, $24.99 CDN, DE 12,99 €,UK £9.99

Save the day with the Coast Guard 4x4 and Diving Boat!

Save the day with the LEGO® City Coast Guard 4x4 and Diving Boat! Launch the boat,

put on the diving gear and splash into the water. Use the megaphone to direct the diver

as he makes the rescue. Then, radio back to shore with the walkie-talkie. Includes 2

minifigures: a driver and a rescue diver.


b_60012_box_side_200.jpg c_60012_detail_1_200.jpg d_60012_detail_2_200.jpg f_60012_detail_4_200.jpg g_60012_detail_5_200.jpg

h_60012_detail_6_200.jpg i_60012_detail_7_200.jpg m_60012_minifigure_200.jpg z_60012_accsessories_200.jpg

60013 Coast Guard Helicopter S@H

230 pcs. US$ $39.99, $49.99 CDN, DE 29,99 €,UK £24.99

Fly to the sailor’s rescue in the Coast Guard Helicopter!

Take flight in the Coast Guard Helicopter and search the sea for the stranded sailor!

Find his broken down catamaran sailboat with a falling sail function before the great white

shark does! Lower the diver down with the functioning winch and help the rescuer to lift the

sailor out of the water with the life preserver. Spin the rotors to take off and return him to

LEGO® City! Includes 4 minifigures with accessories: pilot, diver, rescuer and a sailor.


b_60013_box_side_200.jpg c_60013_detail_1_200.jpg d_60013_detail_2_200.jpg e_60013_detail_3_200.jpg f1_60013_detail_200.jpg

f_60013_detail_4_200.jpgg_60013_detail_5_200.jpg m_60013_minifigures_200.jpg n_60013_minifigure_200.jpg o_60013_great_white_200.jpg

60014 Coast Guard Patrol S@H

449 pcs. US$ $79.99, $99.99 CDN, DE 69,99 €,UK £59.99

Repair the dinghy with the Coast Guard Patrol!

Head out to the lighthouse quick with the LEGO® City Coast Guard Patrol! There’s a

couple stranded in a sinking dinghy and 3 sharks are swimming nearby! Launch the

submarine and helicopter from the Coast Guard Patrol boat to get there fast. Rescue

the couple with the life preservers, pull them into the helicopter and scare the sharks

away with the water cannons! Includes 3 sharks and 6 minifigures with accessories:

pilot, captain, crew member, rescuer, man and woman.


b_60014_box_side_200.jpg c_60014_detail_1_200.jpg d2_60014_detail_200.jpgd1_60014_detail_200.jpg d_60014_detail_2_200.jpg

e1_60014_detail_200.jpg e_60014_detail_3_200.jpg f_60014_detail_4_200.jpg g_60014_detail_5_200.jpg h_60014_detail_6_200.jpg

i1_60014_detail_200.jpg i_60014_detail_7_200.jpg j_60014_detail_8_200.jpg k_60014_detail_9_200.jpg l_60014_jaws_200.jpg

m_60014_sharks_200.jpg z_60014_scene_1_200.jpg

60015 Coast Guard Plane S@H

279 pcs. US$ $??.??, $??.?? CDN, DE 39,99 €,UK £34.99

Send in the Coast Guard Plane to rescue the sinking fishing boat!

Launch a search and rescue mission with the LEGO® City Coast Guard Plane! When a

big wave floods the fishing boat, locate it with the Coast Guard Plane fast. Help the

fishermen to stay afloat by bailing the water with the buckets until the rescuers arrive.

Make a smooth water landing and pull the fishermen in before the boat sinks! Includes

3 minifigures: a pilot and 2 fishermen.


b_60015_box_side_200.jpg c_60015_detail_1_200.jpg d_60015_detail_2_200.jpg e_60015_detail_3_200.jpg f_60015_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60015_detail_5_200.jpg m_60015_minifigure_200.jpg n_60015_minifigures_200.jpg

60016 Tanker Truck S@H

191 pcs. US$ $19.99, $24.99 CDN, DE 19,99 €,UK £17.99

Keep the LEGO® City vehicles moving with the powerful Tanker Truck!

Keep LEGO® City moving with the Tanker Truck! Deliver another load of gasoline to the

tank station! Back the truck into position, connect the hose and fill up the pump! Then

climb onto the roof and close the fuel valve. With so many cars, trucks and motorcycles in

LEGO City, the Tanker Truck driver's job is never done. Includes a Tanker Truck driver minifigure.


b_60016_box_front_200.jpg c_60016_detail_1_200.jpg d_60016_detail_2_200.jpg e_60016_detail_3_200.jpg f_60016_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60016_detail_5_200.jpg h_60016_detail_6_200.jpg i_60016_detail_7_200.jpg j_60016_detail_8_200.jpg m_60016_minifigure_200.jpg

n_60016_minifigure_2_200.jpg s_60016_scene_1_200.jpg

60016 Flatbed Truck S@H

212 pcs. US$ $19.99, $24.99 CDN, DE 19,99 €,UK £17.99

Fix the broken down car with the LEGO® City Flatbed Truck!

The car has broken down and the businesswoman can't get to work. Call in the LEGO®

City mechanic in his Flatbed Truck to fix it! If he can't get it going, load it onto the truck

with the cool winch function. Hop in the cab and deliver the broken down car to the

nearest repair shop! Save the day with the Flatbed Truck! Includes 2 minifigures: a

mechanic and a businesswoman with assorted accessories.


b_60017_box_side_200.jpg c_60017_detail_1_200.jpg d_60017_detail_2_200.jpg e_60017_detail_3_200.jpg f_60017_detail_4_200.jpg

h2_60017_detail_200.jpg i_60017_detail_6_200.jpg j_60017_detail_7_200.jpg m2_minifigures_200.jpg m_60017_minifigures_200.jpg

n_60017_minifigure_1_200.jpg o_60017_minifigure_2_200.jpg p_60017_minifigure_3_200.jpg s_60017_scene_1_200.jpg

60018 Cement Mixer S@H

221 pcs. US$ $19.99, $24.99 CDN, DE 19,99 €,UK £17.99

Deliver cement to the LEGO® City construction site!

Lay the foundation for a new LEGO® City building with the heavy-duty Cement Mixer!

Drive into position, rotate the drum, aim the chute and pour! Hurry to help the construction

worker lay the cement before it hardens with the shovel and wheelbarrow! Includes

2 minifigures: a driver and a construction worker with assorted accessories.


b_60018_box_side_200.jpg c_60018_detail_1_200.jpg d2_60018_detail_200.jpg d_60018_detail_2_200.jpg e_60018_detail_3_200.jpg

f_60018_detail_4_200.jpg g_60018_detail_5_200.jpg m_60018_minifigure_1_200.jpg n_60018_minifigure_2_200.jpg o_60018_minifigure_3_200.jpg

p_60018_minifigure_4_200.jpg q_60018_minifigure_5_200.jpg r2_minifigures_200.jpg r_60018_minifigures_200.jpg s_60018_scene_1_200.jpg

60019 Stunt Plane S@H

140 pcs. US$ $??.??, $??.?? CDN, DE 12,99 €,UK £9.99

Refuel the Stunt Plane for gravity-defying fun!

Pull up alongside the sleek Stunt Plane in the Octan™ truck and fuel it up! Put the pilot in

place, close the cockpit and get ready for fast-paced stunts in the skies of LEGO® City.

Fire up the big engine, spin the propeller and lift off! Use the tools and fire extinguisher to

make repairs and stay safe. Includes 2 minifigures with accessories: a pilot and a driver.


b_60019_box_side_200.jpg c_60019_detail_1_200.jpg d_60019_detail_2_200.jpg e_60019_detail_3_200.jpg f_60019_detail_4_200.jpg

60020 Cargo Truck S@H

321 pcs. US$ $??.??, $??.?? CDN, DE 29,99 €,UK £24.99

Load up the Cargo Truck!

Load up the Cargo Truck with goods to take to the Cargo Airport. Open up the side

panel and drive the forklift’s stack of goods into position. Use the movable forks and

hand truck to load up the goods. Put the driver behind the wheel and hit the road for

another delivery. Includes 3 minifigures with an accessory: truck driver, forklift driver

and a worker.


b_60020_box_side_200.jpg c_60020_detail_1_200.jpg d_60020_detail_2_200.jpg d1_60020_detail_200.jpg e_60020_detail_3_200.jpg

f_60020_detail_4_200.jpg g1_60020_detail_200.jpg g_60020_detail_5_200.jpg m_60020_minifigure_200.jpg n_60020_minifigures_200.jpg

60021 Cargo Helicopter S@H

393 pcs. US$ $??.??, $??.?? CDN, DE 39,99 €,UK £34.99

Lift away the heaviest logs with the Cargo Heliplane!

Call in the giant Cargo Heliplane to transport the logs to LEGO® City! First, unload the tough

quad bike from the plane. Drive it into the forest where the lumberjacks are working hard to

saw the logs for transport. Bundle them up and use the quad bike to tow them to the waiting

Cargo Heliplane. Load up the plane and lift the logs away with the Cargo Heliplane’s adjustable

rotors and powerful engines! Put the pilot in the cockpit with a cup of coffee and his dog to make

the delivery! Includes 3 minifigures and accessories: a pilot and 2 lumberjacks.


b_60021_box_side_200.jpg c_60021_detail_1_200.jpg d_60021_detail_2_200.jpg e_60021_detail_3_200.jpg f_60021_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60021_detail_5_200.jpg i_60021_detail_7_200.jpg h_60021_detail_6_200.jpg j_60021_detail_8_200.jpgm_60021_minifigure_200.jpg

n_60021_minifigure_2_200.jpg z_60021_scene_1_200.jpg

60022 Cargo Terminal S@H

658 pcs. US$ $??.??, $??.?? CDN, DE 89,99 €,UK £69.99

Load up the cargo plane for an air delivery!

Get busy loading the cargo at the LEGO City® Cargo Terminal! Open the cargo plane

doors and help the workers to move the conveyor belt into position. Load the boxes onto

the belt and push them into the plane! Use the ATV and the forklift’s adjustable forks to pick

up the gold bars and drive them through the cargo plane’s opening tail. Then, fill up the tanks

with the Octan™ truck, radio the control tower and taxi off for another delivery! Includes

5 minifigures with accessories: pilot, controller and 3 workers.


b_60022_box_side_200.jpg c_60022_detail_1_200.jpg d_60022_detail_2_200.jpg g_60022_detail_5_200.jpg h_60022_detail_6_200.jpg

i_60022_detail_7_200.jpg m_60022_minifigure_200.jpg n_60022_minifigures_200.jpg

60023 City Starter-Set S@H

272 pcs. US$ $??.??, $??.?? CDN, DE 24,99 €,UK £19.99

Save the day with the LEGO® City Starter Set!

Enter a world of building fun with the LEGO® City Starter Set featuring 3 iconic vehicles.

Catch the robber with the policeman on his motorcycle! Put out the fire with the fireman’s

speedy fire truck. Then race to help the fallen skater boy in the ambulance. Create endless

play possibilities with all the inspiration a young builder needs to explore fun ways of saving

the day! Includes 5 minifigures with accessories: robber, policeman, fireman, rescuer and

a skater boy.


b_60023_box_side_200.jpg c_60023_detail_1_200.jpg d_60023_detail_2_200.jpg e_60023_detail_3_200.jpg f_60023_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60023_detail_5_200.jpg h_60023_detail_6_200.jpg m_60023_minifigures_200.jpg z_60023_scene_1_200.jpg

60025 Grand Prix Truck S@H

315 pcs. US$ $??.??, $??.?? CDN, DE 29,99 €,UK £24.99

Transport the race car with the Grand Prix Truck!

Back up the Grand Prix Truck, open the articulated trailer and unload the super-fast

Formula race car. Put the driver in the cockpit quick and speed into the big LEGO®

City road race! When a tire goes flat, help the pit crew to grab the tools from the

toolbox and change it! Speed out of the pit toward the finish line and win the race!

Includes 3 minifigures with accessories: race driver and 2 pit crew workers.


b_60025_box_side_200.jpg c_60025_detail_1_200.jpg d_60025_detail_2_200.jpg e_60025_detail_3_200.jpg f_60025_detail_4_200.jpg


60026 Town Square S@H

914 pcs. US$ $??.??, $??.?? CDN, DE 99,99 €,UK £79.99

Build an exciting day at the LEGO® City Town Square!

The LEGO® City Town Square is always bustling with activity! Lift the new statue into

position with the mobile crane. Clean the streets with the street sweeper before the

shoppers arrive on the red bus. Visit the showroom and take the bikes for a spin

before stopping off for a bite at the pizzeria. Then it’s time to jump back on the bus

after another great day at LEGO City! Includes a minifigure statue and 8 minifigures

with accessories: chef, bus driver, sweeper, crane driver, showroom owner, boy and

2 shoppers.


b_60026_box_side_200.jpg c_60026_detail_1_200.jpg d_60026_detail_2_200.jpg e_60026_detail_3_200.jpg f_60026_detail_4_200.jpg


60027 Monster Truck Transporter S@H

299 pcs. US$ $??.??, $??.?? CDN, DE 29,99 €,UK £24.99

Deliver the monster truck with the heavy-duty Monster Truck Transporter!

Get the giant monster truck to the LEGO® City race with the Monster Truck Transporter!

Offload it from the articulated low-loader trailer, then check the engine and huge tires

before the show. Jump the ramp to hear the crowd cheer with excitement! Includes

3 minifigures with accessories: a driver and 2 pit crew workers.


b_60027_box_side_200.jpg c_60027_detail_1_200.jpg d_60027_detail_2_200.jpg e_60027_detail_3_200.jpg f_60027_detail_4_200.jpg

g_60027_detail_5_200.jpg m_60027_minifigures_200.jpg









All pictures are © 2013 The Lego Group

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