Boxerlego's Modified Lego Technic Monster Truck on 15V Power

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Boxerlego posted this

of a modified Lego Technic Monster Truck. He wrote,

"This is not your average Lego technic model. Powered by the titan of Lego motors. Single motor drive with a

.8 gear ratio. 300 rpm on the power puller wheels that is 11340 rpm with the custom motor. Controlled with the Lego 8879 PF speed remote and the 8885 switch remote.

"Uses two V1 IR receivers. The first receiver serves as the motor control unit and is controlled by one side of the speed remote. The second receiver serves as the steering unit and can use two servo motors for all-wheel steering and uses a 9 volt battery to function. The 10 cell battery box (15 volts max) is the power source for the motor.

"Powering this motor was a challenge and could not work with the IR receiver and the V2 can only power the motor under no load condition. So I made my own H- bridge so that I can send about 10 - 12 volts to the motor. Some of the transistors that are on the H-bridge are are the same kind of transistors that I used with my brushless solenoid engine. In order to use the IR receiver with the 14 volt load I had to make a voltage divider and power the receiver that way."

His Brickshelf Gallery: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=511173

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*huh* woah, and I thought my 10 volts was powerful... but im not using custom motors ever, i'd rather just buy myself a hobby rc :laugh: but this is AWESOME :thumbup:

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I donĀ“t need more powerful motors but it will be interesting to know how the pieces resist the new power.

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