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Howdy from the UK

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Hi guys

After doing a bit of Lego Googling I ended up here and this community looks fantastic.

I've been into Lego pretty much ever since I could hold a brick and I'm now 27 with two young children. I was away from Lego for a few years before my children got to the age where they can appreciate it (even if my youngest pretty much just enjoys breaking things!). I'm mainly into the Star Wars side of things and I have a Star Destroyer 6211 sitting in its box waiting for me to have a go at when I get a chance!

Since the kiddlies have come along I've been slowly buying bulk boxes as they go on sale in different places and am enjoying building some smaller custom models for them to play with. I have a fair way to go having looked at some of the MOCs on here lol.

My favourite currently owned model has to be one that was given to me last Christmas, a minifig Bruce Springsteen on stage rocking out with his guitar!

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Welcome jimmybigballs to Eurobricks.

I hope you have a fun time around the forum,and I look forward to seeing some of your mocs.:sweet:

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