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So before I show you the Picture of this MOC, it has a bit of backstory. When I used to build as a kid, I never put roofs on my creations for 2 main reasons.

(1) So that I could easily access the insides and (2) because I had no money to buy roof pieces...(Well that last one relates to now....)

But anyway here is my MOC Motel.


Let me show you it's many features as we follow a guest, who we'll call Rick!

Here is an overview shot, showing Rick parking up upon arrival.


Rick decides to make use of the Porte Cochere, and pull up to unload his luggage.


Here is a Fig-eye view of the entrance to the lobby


Next, Rick introduces himself to Nigel and Shiela, who run the reception and motel. Shiela kindly check's Rick in, on her computer, while Nigel attempts to play Tetris on his...


Now booked in, Rick makes use of the Cash Machine located in the lobby. You never know when you might need some...


Rick makes his way to Room 101. It's very convenient since it's right next to the lobby!


Rick decides to bed down early, cause he has an early flight tomorrow at Legoredo Airport!


The next morning, Rick makes use of the facilities, using the toilet, shower and sink.


Rick then gets all his affairs in order, and stares at the wall, wondering why he is doing this...


Rick heads out his room, and call the airline using the pay phone, to ensure his flight is on time.


After this, Rick heads to the breakfast nook, just off the lobby. There is a wide selection of fruit and pastries, as well as on tap coffee, and fruit juices. You can even pick up a yogurt or cold drink from the fridges.


After breakfast, Rick checks out, and prints out his boarding passes at the free Internet Terminal.


Before heading to the Car, Rick checks his baggage to ensure its the correct weight and will fit in the overhead bins.


After loading up the car, Rick drives off to the airport, ready to catch his flight. What a relaxing stay.



This hotel took a lot of planning, from the point of desining the hotel and adding car parks and what not. It is 64x32 studs wide, which presents it's own problems in trying to photograph it!!!

Here is an overhead shot of the hotel. You can see the lobby and breakfast room on the right, the rooms on the left, and the Staff/Storage room at the end.


Please go ahead and criticize at will! I understand that it might not appeal to some of the posters here, because it lacks a roof, but I just liked how it manages to encapsulate a minifig scale motel.

For those who are wondering, the color scheme is based off of Best Western/Econo Lodge's that I have stayed in over the years.


Now that I have got this up, I can now focus on my Costa MOC....

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Fantastic work :thumbup: :thumbup:

I like a lot the rooms style with the accessories :wink: :wink:

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Not bad work there 'WideWiiLover', what it lacks in exterior detailing....it totally makes up for it in the interior ! :thumbup:

What kind motel owners to include a huge snack bar and baggage scales. :wink:

Now this reminds of what I haven't designed for my town yet.....thanks for the reminder and Brick On 'WideWiiLover' ! :grin:

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I had a combination of roofless or backless buildings in my town, just for easier access. I never considered roof pieces really. Most often I just had flat roofed homes with open back.

This is a really neat idea for a motel. You seemed to hit all the main spots of what a motel would include.

Keep up the good work!

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This motel looks excellent and has everything a motel would need. :sweet: Thanks for the great story. It'd be nice to see the stars since there's no roof, wouldn't it? :laugh:

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