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Major forum upgrade being planned

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Very soon the admins will start a major forum upgrade moving us to the latest version of the Invision forum software. We are kinda forced to upgrade because our current version has reached 'end of life', which means we can't get any support from this moment onwards.

The previous time we did such a major upgrade we prepared everything for 6 months in the background. By the time we were ready Invision already released a new forum version, so we are not going to do it like that again. Instead we'll upgrade the board and get us going with one default forum skin. Once we have one skin ready we'll fix all the other skins over time. So that means you'll see a pretty uncustomized board immediately after the upgrade until we get one skin ready.

During the upgrade the forum will be closed as we need to 'freeze' our database.

Current target is to do the upgrade this Wednesday, starting 9am (CET).

Link to discussion topic.

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