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Rose from a gladiator to a dark legion in just a year...

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A year ago... Verus was a slave.. a gladiator that lives for no one...


(Link to Flickr image)

A year ago, Verus was captured for no apparent reasons and was thrown into the cage by the Emperor's solders. No one knew why he was captured. His strong will to fight made him more than just a mere slave. The general saw his potential and wanted to introduce him to fight in the arena among other trained gladiators. Gladiators are not just a mere form of enjoyment but it is a widely applauded sports in the empire. Audience love blood shed and killing and every gladiators in the arena fight to the death. Verus stood up to the challenge and brought down many foes and he continued to stand high as a victor...

A year later... Verus is now a dark legion, pledging his allegiance to the Emperor


(Link to Flickr image)

A year later, Verus is no longer a warring gladiator.. He is now promoted and rose to be a dark legion, a top regiment that reports directly to the Emperor. At a particular evening, a plot to assassin the Emperor by the rebels was foiled during the watch of the arena games. The assassins were killed by Verus and saved the Emperor's life. The Emperor granted Verus's freedom and gave him this position. However, the plot thickens. We will not know what lies behind Verus's true intentions that hid behind his mask..

The remarkable changes of this single warrior in just a year!


(Link to Flickr image)

Hope you enjoyed viewing this. Please provide your feedback to let me know what you guys think. This is also my contest entry, for the BrickWarriors, Category 1 contest.

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