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A great deal of detail on such a small scale, though after visiting your flickr page, and seeing this here, I kind of wished you'd give a little more explanation. Still, from an 8-wide builder's perspective it's a great midi-scale MOC.


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Hello Tony,

It's great to hear nice words from a master builder like you. Thanks :) I was trying to build a motorized loco for my vagons below:

Cargo Train

Since my vagons are in a smaller scale than regular LEGO trains, I had to make a loco that would fit their size. I took out my rechargable PF battery which is 4 studs wide. I don't like its gray color and the lack of texture so I wanted to cover the sides with tiles. I couldn't figure out a "beautiful" way of placing the tiles and it turned out to be a little bit bulky for my taste. So I cancelled that project for now. But I liked to use those tiles in the sides so I decided to make something out of it. In the end, my loco turned out to be in an even smaller scale than my vagons above. So I replaced the wheels and magnet part with smaller ones. Now I have a stand alone locomotive which has no use other than being "pretty" :) I didn't convert any real life train into LEGO form, it's completely a random idea. I named it DZL 12 (for diesel 2012) and that's pretty much all I have to say about it! Hope you enjoy :) Cheers from Turkey!


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