Lego LOTR Competition - Directors wanted.

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One of the other sites that I frequent is running a Lego LOTR competition based around creating a video of your favourite scene from a computer game using Lego. The prizes are being sponsored by my site, Bricktrader, but it being wholly run and judged by the good folks over at GamerKitten.

The top prize is a copy of the Lego LOTR Game on any format, and a #9469 Gandalf Arrives set.

To see all the terms and conditions of the competition visit the GamerKitten competition page.

So if you like making videos and live-comics with your Lego, have a look.


Mods - apologies if this is in the wrong place - I thought it would be most relevant to film makers. Please feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place.

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Just a quick bump - there are only two days left to get your entry in. They've had a couple of good ones in already. Can you do better?

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